Arabesques n ° 89

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SGB, SGBm... les nouvelles dynamiques - Outils et acteurs dans un contexte en mouvement

Avril-mai-juin 2018

At a time when the SGBm project, a library management system in "service mode", initiated by the ESRAbes in 2012 in consultation with nine pilot institutions, is going into production, this Arabesques dossier takes stock of the issue of library management systems at the ESR.

  • Spotlight: The MMSH media library: documentation for research
  • Game: the SGBm goose game
  • PROFILE - Frédéric Parent, librarian at the SCD of the University of Burgundy, trainer-relais Sudoc

In this issue:

  • From Monocle to SGBm, a look in the retro, Yves Desrichard (Abes)
  • Changes in the GBS market and the questions they raise. What the Tosca 2018 survey reveals (and confirms), Marc Maisonneuve (Tosca Consultants company)
  • The Fulbi: a "club of user clubs", Didier Thebault and Xavier Guillot (FULBI)
  • The SGBm Goose Game, Sandrine Berthier (University of Bordeaux)
  • Serving the SGBm today and tomorrow, Serge Genot (Abes Abes)
  • In Toulouse, obstinate ascent, Loïc Ducasse (SICD University of Toulouse)
  • AbesADBU, SGBm: a few letters for a major shared project, Valérie Neouze (Université Paris Descartes) and Julien Sempéré (Université Paris Saclay)
  • Data alignment: getting used to finishing more... without finishing, Renaud Aïoutz (Systems & Data Group Pilot)
  • A SGB as a catalyst for modernization: the experience of the University of Liège, François Renaville (University of Liège)
  • Choice and use of a SIGB in a small library: the example of the ENTPE, Bernard Teissier (ENTPE library)

Goose game of the SGBm