Calames Plus, services to enhance the value of digital collections

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Calames Plus

Calames Plus is a range of services associated with the production of data in Calames. These services are mainly intended for libraries Calames that do not have a digital library or adequate publishing tool.

Calames Plus is available to network institutions Calames for :

  • thehosting on the servers ofAbes of files resulting from digitisation operations
  • linking to authority data and quality control of links between scanned documents and Calames associated records
  • the citability of digitised resources through the attribution of permanent URLs 
  • access to digitized resources using the viewer Calames

Please note: The deposit and association of files with records Calames is not a substitute for encoding data in EAD. Any deposit project must be examined beforehand by the services ofAbes.

Calames Images

Calames Images is an additional solution for hosting scanned images. This service is available to libraries in the network Calames that do not have a digital library and wish to enhance their collections iconographic:

Please note: The image deposit is independent of the cataloguing of documents. The technical requirements and instructions for using the Calames Images service are described in the presentation leaflet attached to the network Calamesparticipation agreements .

Provision of research inventories

The libraries in the Calames network benefit from a service that transforms their encoded data into EAD: the research inventories are exported as PDF files and associated with the records Calames, making them available from the catalogue Calames.