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Newsletter N°76 - January 2022
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Happy New Year 2022!

The whole team ofAbes joins me in wishing you a wonderful year 2022.
David Aymonin, Director ofAbes

Save the date: the Abes 2022 Days

Abes 2022 will take place on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 June 2022.
The dates were announced in the programme of the previous edition of the Jabes ... but since then,Abes has had to move them by one day. Please note this change.

Statistics in Webstats : 2018 will disappear

The application Webstats, which allows members of all networks to obtain their activity statistics, displays - for ergonomic reasons - only those of the last 4 years. In February, the oldest year (2018) will disappear from the interface. Institutions that wish to do so have until 1 February to export the statistics for that year.

Bibliographic Transition

Chapter 11 of Section 3 of RDA-EN, on the identification of communities, is subject to a survey of professionals until 25 January 2022.
The 2022 agenda for the Bibliographic Transition training courses organised by the CRFCB has been published:
The 6th professional day "Metadata in libraries", on 3 December 2021, is online!

National licenses

Springer's Political Science & International Studies collection is available, on a trial basis, to institutions with an account on the National Licences site. At the end of the 6-month test period, the 125 most consulted titles will be definitively acquired as national licences.
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The life of networks

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Network IdRef

PROGRESSREPORT ON THE FIRSTCERCLES PROJECT ON AUTHORITIES: within the Henri-Piéron Library (University of Paris), our colleague Virginie Moreau is working, within the framework of this project, on the enrichment of authority records for persons and communities (universities, laboratories and congresses) in the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis. Nearly 2,000 authority records have been created, and nearly three times as many have been enriched. This tremendous work benefits the entire network.
THE CORRECTED DECISION-MAKING FUNCTIONALITY IN PAPRIKA: the application allows the creation or correction of links from bibliographic records to "People" authority records. In this curation work, the user can be helped by a feature, called "Qualinka", based on an automatic link quality diagnostic program. This functionality, which was malfunctioning, has just been repaired. This is an opportunity for those who didn't know about it to discover and test it!
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Calames network

SYNTHESIS OF THE "CORRESPONDENT TRAINING" SURVEY:Abes would like to thank the 36 correspondents who responded to this survey, the aim of which was to find out about their backgrounds and experiences in order to better identify their training needs. The analysis of the responses will make it possible to develop a new training offer for the network.
UNIVERSITY HERITAGE DISPLAYED DURING THE BIBLIOPAT 2021 DAYS: two presentations were included in the programme of these days last December. The contemporary library presented the new premises that house its collections and the University of Lorraine spoke about the collaboration between the BU and the laboratories for the preservation and exploitation of the university heritage.
Network Icon Sudoc

Sudoc network

    UNIMARC 2022 IMPLEMENTATIONS : the recording of the training session on the new Unimarc fields/subfields implemented on 6 January 2022 in Sudoc is available on the self-training platform ofAbes.
    RECIPROCITY FOR IL L: thanks to our colleague Barbara Bürgel, from the SCD of the Jean Monnet University of Saint-Etienne, the network has a list of establishments Sudoc practising reciprocity for interlibrary loan activity. This list is accessible to all on the web.
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    Sudoc PS network

    STATUS OF PCPPs : the study "Shared conservation plans in France: a quantitative and qualitative state of the art", published in 2019, has just had its second update, with data for 2021.
    CALL FOR COMMENTS: the cataloguing rules for online continuing resources need to be updated. Their revision, started at the last "CR Managers' Day", continues today with a call for comments (until February 2022) on the first formalised rules. This is a draft, reserved, in this first stage of consultation, for RC managers only: for all, the rules currently in force continue to apply.

    PROFESSIONAL DAY : the 8th annual meeting of the Network Centre Sudoc-PS PACA / Nice took place last November. In addition to a summary of the CR's current activities and the work carried out on the "Unicas and old local press" corpus, the "Alpes Azur Patrimoine" digital library was the subject of a detailed presentation.
    A NEW WEBSITE FOR THE CR PACA / Marseille: this CR, which also manages the departments, regions and overseas collectivities (hence the map on the home page), is now on the web with a new look, sections on reporting tools (including Mir@bel) and on shared conservation.
    Icon Network Theses

    Theses network

    UNIMARC 2022 IMPLEMENTATIONS : the evolutions of the Unimarc format will be reflected in STAR during the year 2022. Institutions will be kept informed of the integration of new features in the application as they are deployed.

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    Dates to remember

    • from 10 to 13 January: "Catalogueur d'un établissement du réseau Sudoc" training course at Paris-Cnam, given by Gaëlle Bahèzre, trainer-relais
    • 14 January : end of the call for projects Retrospective reporting Calames
    • from 17 to 20 January: "Catalogueur d'un établissement du réseau Sudoc" training course in Arras, given by Virginie Lelong, trainer-relais
    • from 18 to 21 January: "Catalogueur d'un établissement du réseau Sudoc" training course in Paris-MNHN, given by Marie-Line Guillaumée, trainer-relais
    • from 24 to 27 January: "Catalogueur d'un établissement du réseau Sudoc" training course in Dijon, given by Frédéric Parent, trainer-relator
    • 25 January: end of the investigation into chapter 11 of RDA-EN
    • 31 January to 3 February: "Catalogueur d'un établissement du réseau Sudoc" training course at Strasbourg-BNU, given by Margot Turco, trainer-relais
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    Spotlight on

    The Bibliographic Transition is on Wikipedia

    All the articles on the key notions of the bibliographic transition (IFLA LRM, RDA, MARC, BIBFRAME, web of data etc.) have just been updated by the members of the Training group. These articles can be used or quoted in professional training sessions.
    Note: in 2022 the "#1Lib1Ref" operation, which encourages librarians to contribute to the updating of Wikipedia articles (notably to source them), will take place from 15 January to 5 February, then from 15 May to 5 June 2022.
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