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Newsletter N°71 - July 2021
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Day Abes 2021

TheAbes invites the members of its networks to meet on 12 and 13 October 2021, at the Corum in Montpellier. With a round table dedicated to the evolution of our professions and moments of exchange (Demos, Forums, Hackathon), these days will be an opportunity to "give impetus to our professions!".
The final programme will be published on theAbes website. Registration will open at the end of August.

Survey on the state of reporting of electronic resources in ESR documentation tools

As part of its efforts to improve the interaction between national and local documentary tools,Abes would like to have a detailed knowledge of the practices and needs in terms of reporting electronic resources produced by publishers, in the ESR institutions and beyond. Institutions have until 8 September to respond to an online survey. Relations officers withAbes have been informed.

    Bibliographic Transition

    The Bibliographic Strategy Committee (BSC) is the body that steers national policy on bibliographic information. At its meeting on 3 June, it set the next steps in the bibliographic transition.
    The Standardisation group has delivered its evaluation report on the revised RDA code (2019): it confirms that the code still contravenes certain French cataloguing specificities and reaffirms the interest of pursuing the drafting of RDA-FR, which is more respectful in its interpretation of the LRM model.
    DECALOG is participating in the French Unimarc Committee (CfU) as a representative of the BMS publishers, for a new two-year term.

    National licenses

    Early European Books (collection of the National Library of Florence): the corpus is now reported in Sudoc and in the BAse de COnnaissance Nationale BACON.
    The reporting of the De Gruyter and Royal Society of Chemistry corpus has been revised in depth to take into account the transfer of certain titles by the publishers and to integrate, for each acquired journal, access via the ISTEX platform.
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    Have a good summer with Arabesques!

    This issue 102, whose rich panel of contributors we owe to Julien Roche (director of libraries and the Learning Center of the University of Lille and vice-president of Liber), invites us on a tour of Europe's modes of cooperation in university and research libraries. While waiting to receive it in your institutions, watch out for its next publication on the Prairial portal!
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    The life of networks

    Icon Network Authorities IdRef

    Network IdRef

    RAMEAU FORM OR GENRE AUTHORITY : the Rameau National Centre has already transformed more than 17,000 "Common Names" authorities into "Form" or "Genre", and this repository continues to be enriched as needs arise. If a cataloguer identifies a "Common Name" authority that needs to be transformed into a "Form or Genre", the rule is to send a "transformation request" to the National Rameau Proposal File.
    ORCID and PAPRIKA PRESENTED AT THE CASHUAL 2021 DAYS: the ORCID France consortium was the subject of an intervention during the HAL Users Days. The new ORCID France website was presented, as well as a use case of API use. A workshop was also proposed on the use of the application of theAbes,, to link the HAL publications to the authors IdRef.
    Network Icon Calames

    Calames network

    WORK OF THE CALAMES WG: during two meetings (21 June and 1 July), the WG made proposals to continue the redesign of the online professional documentation portal, approved the outline of a future documentation manual dedicated to correspondents, and validated the precise definitions of the statistics to be produced by institution, in order to provide autonomous access.

    PROFILE OF THE CORRESPONDENTS : a survey is currently being proposed to the Correspondents Calames, until 13 July, in order to find out their profiles and their specific needs regarding this function. The analysis of the answers will allow the construction of a training programme specifically dedicated to the role of Correspondent Calames.

    MSH WG ON EAD TOOLS:Abes took part in a morning presentation of different tools for publishing research instruments encoded in XML (EAD), organised by a working group within the Maisons des Sciences de l'Homme network. In addition to Calames, tools developed by the Pôle de documentation numérique de la MRSH de Caen and by the network of French Schools abroad were also presented.

      Network Icon Sudoc

      Sudoc network

        UNIMARC 2022 NEWS : after validation by the PUC of new values in repositories, the details of the Unimarc evolutions to be implemented in January 2022 have been published. BMS vendors have been informed. The precise implementation schedule and cataloguing guidelines will be communicated in autumn 2021.
        VISIBILITY OF ACCESS TO ELECTRONIC RESOURCES :Abes is considering the possibility of extending the use of area B856 to display more clearly on Sudoc the electronic resources available to the ESR. The coordinators Sudoc, in consultation with the administrators of the SGB, are invited to coordinate the responses of their institution before 15 July in an online survey on the use of this zone.

        BACON: from now on, each month, the list of KBart files added the previous month will be available in the "BACON" manual.
        RAMEAU REFORM: the updating of records linked to the "Biographies" authority has just been completed. The record is now a Tf record, usable in zone B608. More than 200,000 bibliographic records have had their indexing updated.
        CATALOGUE CORRESPONDENTS' STUDY DAY: nearly 200 Cataloguing Correspondents and colleagues involved in the collective effort to control the quality of bibliographic data met at the beginning of June. The day was an opportunity to discuss what the concept of quality means in order to help institutions build their own strategies for controlling the data they produce by helping them (re)discover the tools available.
        QUALITY PROJECT: the SCD of the University of Tours has launched a project to correct erroneous indexing chains in B606. This initiative is to be welcomed, as this project will benefit everyone: it concerns all the bibliographic records of Sudoc. TheAbes thanks Martine Augouvernaire, coordinator Sudoc and the Touraine cataloguers who are participating.
        TEST AND EXERCISE DATABASE: this database will be cleaned between 10 July and 31 August, in particular to load updated Rameau records for the reform, ISSN records and to automatically correct certain Unimarc fields. Cataloguers and trainers are advised not to use it during this period.
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        Sudoc PS network

        CR 2021 MANAGERS' DAY: after the virtual spring meeting on 20 May 2021, the centre managers of the Sudoc-PS network will meet face-to-face atAbes on 14 October 2021 to take stock of the network's current situation and its developments, through themes that are currently being defined.
        CR 31 ANNUAL MEETING: the Network Centre Sudoc-PS "Exact and Applied Sciences" reconnected with the libraries within its perimeter during an online meeting in early June. The RC was able to present its projects, including the implementation of a partnership with Mir@bel for the registration of electronic journals.
        WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPED BY CR 67: this application, designed by Géraldine Geoffroy (SCD Université Côte d'Azur) and Emmanuelle Rauzy (head of the CR), offers an integrated and searchable overview of the unicas and old local press titles held by the libraries of the Alpes-Maritimes, Var and Monaco. An interesting work of data modelling has been carried out. The source code of the application can be reused by all interested CR managers.
        Icon Network Theses

        Theses network

        MICROFILE REPORTING: following the mass referencing of thesis microfiches, carried out in 2020,Abes asked some institutions to process the remaining 23,000 microfiches. As of 1 June, half of the institutions had processed the files that had been sent to them. TheAbes thanks them warmly for this first delivery. It now has to check the data and create the missing microfiche records in Sudoc . This work, which concerns 7,000 theses, is in progress. The rest of the files must be sent toAbes by 6 September.
        MY THESIS IN 180 SECONDS: congratulations to Paul Dequidt from the Confederal University Léonard de Vinci, he wins the 2021 edition and will represent France at the international final.
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        Dates to remember

        • 13 July: closing of the survey on the training needs of the Correspondents Calames
        • from 13 July to 15 August: summer shutdown of the Regular Transfer service Sudoc
        • 15 July: closure of the investigation into the use of areas B856 and B859
        • 2 August to 3 September: summer shutdown of the Exports on Demand service Sudoc
        • end of August: opening of registrations for the Jabes 2021 and the JCR
        • 6 September: deadline for submitting microfiche files for the requested institutions
        • 8 September: closing of the survey on electronic resources reporting
        • 27-29 September: 50thADBU congress in Marseille
        • 12-13 October: Abes2021 days in Montpellier
        • 14 October 2021: RC 2021 Leaders' Day
        * The 2021-2022 training calendar has been published (registration opens on 30 August)
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        Spotlight on

        New collections with the CollEx label

        The scientific council of the GIS CollEx-Persée has awarded the CollEx label to five new member libraries of the Sudoc network, thus recognising the research excellence of their collections.
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