Cataloguing Correspondent Study Day 2021

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The great parade of bibliographic data quality control tools


Visual presentation of the Cataloguing Correspondents' Study Day

The "Cataloguing Correspondent" study day offered online on 3 June 2021 was devoted to quality control actions for bibliographic data

Juggling with the tools, handling the data, passing the ball back and forth, looking at the result with pleasure and, in the end, noticing that it was rather fun...Abes invites each Cataloguing Correspondent to a convivial moment of sharing experiences, to (re)discover the tools and their tricks: practical exercises and advice! 

Objectives of the Study Day

  • present the quality controltools made available by theAbes
  • toencourage the use of these tools, through concrete examples presented by the Cataloguing Correspondents
  • share experiences. 

Consult the " Questions / Answers" file


10.00-10.20 am

Part 1
Introduction to the day

Laure Jestaz, Abes
10.20-10.30 a.m. Part 2
I avoid the proliferation of duplicates
Aurélie Faivre, Abes
10:30-10:40 am

Part 3:
I play with data quality 

All participants
10.40-11.15 am

Part 4:
I carefully review the notices

Laure Jestaz, Abes

Part 5:
I set up a quality action plan

Emmanuelle Riou-Genty, Bibliothèque Diderot de Lyon
François Lagarde, Direction de la Documentation des Universités de Bordeaux
14:00 - 14:20

Part 6:
I control the records produced by my cataloguers with WinIBW 

Laurent Piquemal, Abes

Part 7:
I use a webservice to check specific areas

Thomas Fresneau, Abes

Part 8:
I check the presence of links: AlgoLinks

Emmanuelle David, SCD of the University of Rennes 1

Part 9:
I control the "Person" access points: Paprika

Nathalie Savarit, SCD Aix-Marseille University
Aline Le Provost, Abes

Part 10:
I handle PPNs

Aurélie Faivre, Abes

Part 11:
I know the reference documents

Raphaëlle Povéda, Abes

Part 12:
Conclusions of the Day

Laure Jestaz, Abes,


Videos of the day

Duration : 00:13:33
Laure Jestaz, Abes

Duration : 00:06:19
Aurélie Faivre, Abes

What improvements are needed to these notices? - Laurent Piquemal, Abes

Duration : 00:26:13
Laure Jestaz, Abes

Duration: 00:28:20
Emmanuelle Riou-Genty, Bibliothèque Diderot de Lyon & François Lagarde, Service de Coopération Documentaire des universités de Bordeaux

Duration : 00:12:53
Aurélie Faivre and Laurent Piquemal, Abes

Duration : 00:08:29
Thomas Fresneau, Abes

Duration : 00:17:51
Emmanuelle David, SCD of the University of Rennes 1

Duration: 00:16:46
Nathalie Savarit, SCD Aix-Marseille Université, Aline Le Provost, Abes

Duration : 00:15:54
Aurélie Faivre, Abes

Duration : 00:08:00
Raphaëlle Povéda, Abes

Duration : 00:08:20
Laure Jestaz, Abes