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A training system adapted to support the professionals of the member institutions of the networks

L'Abes offers a complete range of training courses - both face-to-face and distance learning - designed to help Correspondents from different networks to take control of professional applications and to help them learn the specific modalities of networking.

Note: all training courses are free of charge and reserved for professionals from member institutions of the reporting networks (Sudoc, Sudoc PS, Calames, STEP, STAR).

Initial training

  • for Calamesand STAR correspondents, Sudoc coordinators and Sudoc PS RC managers newly appointed to these positions or working in deployed establishments: face-to-face training provided byAbes
  • for EPB Officers and STEP Correspondents newly appointed to these positions: webinars and/or self-training modules produced byAbes
  • for Cataloguers Sudoc and Cataloguers Calames : given in one of the relay establishments (located in Paris and in the regions), these training courses are provided by the team of relay trainers Sudoc and relay trainers Calames, coordinated by theAbes. As cataloguing experts (Calames and/or Sudoc) with proven teaching skills, the Trainers-Relay regularly meet with theAbes teams and participate in the design of course materials to best meet the expectations of professionals. These sessions focus on practice, based on numerous cataloguing practical exercises carried out on an adapted training base. The programme and content of the sessions are identical, regardless of the relay institution chosen by the trainee.

Continuing education

The continuing education offer proposed at a distance and in self-training is intended to facilitate the acquisition of skills by the professionals members of the networks and help them to appropriate the new tools, new features or new instructions implemented by the RSE communityAbes .

The self-training platform

The self-training platform self-training platform atAbes is freely available to all documentation professionals. It is regularly updated to help network members implement new functions, instructions, tools and services.

Namely: in order to promote the sharing of ESR libraries and to encourage the dissemination of good practices in data management within institutions, educational content (recorded webinars, tutorials, practical exercises, MCQs) are freely reusable under the conditions defined by the Etalab licence.

The J.e-courses

The "J.e-courses" sessions are offered in synchronous mode, on Thursdays from September to June, according to a programme defined according to the latest news on the tools and associated services available. These regular meetings encourage dialogue and direct exchanges between school professionals andAbesexperts.

Note: J.e-course sessions are recorded and broadcast later via the self-training platform Abes.


Partnerships and collaborations

ItAbes works in consultation with the main actors of professional training in the field of libraries and Scientific and Technical Information.

  • CRFCB: coordination of professional training in the fundamentals (cataloguing standards and formats)
  • URFIST: exchange of information on the use of the tools proposed by theAbes
  • Enssib: intervention in professional training or study days