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Newsletter N°79 - April 2022
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Day Abes 2022

The Journées Abes 2022 will take place on 21 and 22 June at the Corum in Montpellier. The first day will be devoted to the use by the scientific community of the data produced by our networks, while the second day will focus on issues related to continuous resources. In addition to the plenary sessions, the trade fair, the presentation of the networks' posters, the hackathon and workshops will allow participants to exchange ideas and discover new projects.

Registration will open on Tuesday 3 May. For the first time, the form will be available via the website. The creation of an account on this platform will be a prerequisite for registration.

Invoices 2022

Invoices for membership of theAbes networks and services were issued on 31 March and deposited on the Chorus platform or sent by courier. Institutions that have not yet sent an order form are invited to do so as soon as possible. The Relations Officers atAbes have been informed of this.

A brochure to promote BACON

As part of the reinforced collaboration betweenAbes and the Couperin consortium, aimed at integrating into the national knowledge base all the resources used by ESR institutions, a communication medium explaining the interest of BACON and encouraging publishers to describe their resources in it has been designed.

National licenses

The GIS CollEx-Persée and the Couperin consortium are launching a joint survey aimed at French researchers and academics, in order to identify their needs in terms of digital documentary resources. The previous survey (2012) helped build the resource acquisition programme for the benefit of the entire French academic and research community (national licences).
The ISTEX website has been revamped! It is evolving to better meet the information and support needs of the scientific community. As part of a UX (User Experience) approach, it highlights the services available according to usage and offers a more intuitive navigation.
A new national licence has just been signed! Thanks to funding from the GIS CollEx-Persée, 32 journal titles in chemistry, from the publisher Bentham Science, have been acquired for all ESR institutions, as well as the BnF and public libraries.

Digital Humanities

By applying the most innovative technologies and tools of computer science and AI to the humanities and social sciences, the digital humanities are changing the work of researchers and information professionals.
Arabesques No. 105 (to be published and put online in April) devotes its dossier to the activities and projects of libraries around this theme.
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The life of networks

Icon Network Authorities IdRef

Network IdRef

STUDY DAY: On 24 May, the online study day "Starred Authorities: Sharing Recipes for Quality Data" will take place. The menu, which we hope will be enticing, will present all the necessary ingredients for a "three star" work on authority data.
Reservations will be open from 11 April.
ENRICHMENT OF TP1 NOTICES: a quality project, the aim of which is to enrich "Natural persons" status "1" records, has been launched with the Authority Correspondents until 30 June. A workshop is proposed on 7 April to present the methodology and procedures of the project.
Network Icon Calames

Calames network

SURVEY: Correspondents and cataloguers of the Calames network (as well as those of the Theses network) are invited to inform, in an online survey open until 22 April, their expectations regarding collaboration with their Authorities Correspondent.

TRAINING: the recording of the J.e-course "The new documentation portal Calames" is online.
Network Icon Sudoc

Sudoc network

    NEW INSTITUTIONS: the documentary institutions of the Service Historique de la Défense, the Centre de Recherche Joseph Wresinski (ATD Quart-Monde), the Centre de Recherche Bretonne et Celtique and the Bibliothèque des Sources Chrétiennes join the network Sudoc. Trained in WinIBW and the specificities of networking, the cataloguers of these libraries can start cataloguing their new titles this month. Welcome to these new colleagues!
    CORRESPONDENT TRAINING: the recording of the J.e-course "Feedback on the support of cataloguers" is online. Thank you to the three institutions in Lyon (Doc'Insa, Bibliothèque Diderot and SCD de l'Université Claude Bernard) for sharing their team-building activities.
    INDEXATION: the work dedicated to the treatment of the authority "History and criticism" (invalidated by the National Rameau Centre) was completed in March:Abes updated the indexing of more than 180,000 bibliographic records and then deleted this authority. In the records created from now on, cataloguers should no longer use it.
    NETWORK CONTRIBUTIONS: the "Network Contributions" tab of the Methodological Guide hosts a new file to be shared: 7,276 local electronic analytical records of "Techniques de l'Ingénieur" articles. Thanks to our colleague Régis Griesser (Service de Coopération Documentaire Interuniversitaire de Montpellier).
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    Sudoc PS network

    CALL FOR COMMENTS: In January,Abes asked CR managers to comment on the first version of the document setting out revisions to the cataloguing guidelines for online continuing resources. Thanks to all the attentive reviewers and commentators. A second version is being offered to them this month. It is a draft, reserved for consultation by CR managers only: for all, the rules currently in force continue to apply.

    IMPORT OF NOTICES FROM THE BNF: the records of continuing resources published in France are now imported directly from the BnF. This new import has many advantages for the reporting of these resources.
    ENHANCING THE CORPUS OF AUTHORITY RECORDS TO SERVE MIR@BEL'S NEEDS: the networks Sudoc, Sudoc-PS and Mir@bel are collaborating in a new quality project, aimed at enriching the reporting of French scientific publishing. From 17 March to 2 May, CR managers, authority correspondents and cataloguers of continuing resources are invited to enrich or create authority records for the communities that Mir@bel identifies as publishers of continuing resources.
    CR DAY 2022: this year, the CR Day is integrated into the Days Abes 2022. The Heads of Centres of the Network Sudoc-PS have been informed of the specific modalities for registration.
    Icon Network Theses

    Theses network

    THESES.FR DATA OPENED:Abes makes available to the public, on the website, a complete extraction of the metadata relating to the defended theses referenced on These data are freely retrievable and reusable.
    SELF-LEARNING STEP: the recording of the distance learning course "User of Step" is available, as well as the course material.
    STAR TRAINING: a new training session on the Star application will take place atAbes from 9 to 11 May. It is aimed at all newly appointed Star users or those who wish to update their knowledge.
    SURVEY: the Correspondents of the Thesis network (as well as those of the Calames network) are invited to inform, in an online survey open until April 22nd, their expectations in terms of collaboration with their Authorities Correspondent.

    "TEL" BECOMES "HAL THESES": on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the CCSD, the TEL platform has been renamed "HAL theses". The website of theAbes, as well as the documentation for the Correspondents Step and Star and for the PhD students have been updated. The STAR entry forms will be updated at a later date. TheAbes invites institutions to update their own documents (training materials, distribution contracts, etc.), if they mention the platform or contain its logo.

    Dates to remember

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    • from 4 to 7 April: "Catalogueur d'un établissement du réseau Sudoc" training course in Paris-BSG and Paris-MNHN, given by Emilie Trompille and Marie-Line Guillaumée, relay trainers
    • 7 April: J. e-courses "Quality workshop on Tp1 physical person authority records".
    • 11 April: opening of registrations for the study day "The starred authorities
    • 22 April: closing of the survey for the networks Calames and Theses "Needs for collaboration around authorities".
    • 2 May: end of the quality workstream "Authority notices for the needs of Mir@bel".
    • 3 May: registration opens for the Abes 2022 days
    • 9-11 May: training Star trainingAbes
    • 24 May: Study Day "Star authorities".
    • 21 and 22 June: Abes 2022 days at the Corum in Montpellier
    • 30 June: end of the "Authority records for status 1 natural persons" quality workstream
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    Spotlight on

    BULAC dedicates its newsletter to Ukraine

    This letter, designed by the BULAC's "Valorisation" team, offers a selection of documentary resources (including free access digital books and a virtual exhibition) to help you better understand current events.
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