The training courses offered by the InstituteAbes are reserved for agents working in an institution authorised to award doctoral degrees.

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STAR Correspondent - face-to-face training

à savoir : cette formation à destination des professionnels des bibliothèques du réseau de signalement des thèses de doctorat nouvellement nommés sur cette fonction est dispensée par les formateurs de l’Abes.

PublicSTAR correspondent and any agent using the STAR application
ObjectiveTo master the functionalities and the parameter setting of the STAR application; To understand its articulation with third party applications in the thesis reporting circuit
PrerequisiteTo know the thesis circuit in your institution and the associated doctoral student management application; To know the search engine
Terms and ConditionsInternship in the classroom. Free
ProgramConsult the Program
Duration2.5 days (training starts on Monday at 14:00 and ends on Wednesday at 16:30)
LocationsMontpellier (Abes)
CalendarDu lundi 13 mars au mercredi 15 mars 2023
RegistrationsAccess the registration form

Theses Coordinator - Self-study

PublicThesis Coordinator
ObjectiveUnderstand the missions inherent to the function; discover the STEP, STAR and applications.
Terms and ConditionsSelf-training
ProgramThe national Theses mission; the network for reporting doctrinal theses; the missions of the Theses Coordinator; STEP / STAR / applications

Self-study modules

STEP Correspondent - distance learning / self-study

à savoir : cette auto-formation est à la libre disposition des professionnels nouvellement nommés sur cette fonction. Les webinaires sont dispensés par les formateurs de l’Abes. 

Calendrier des webinaires 

For information on how to register for and follow a webinar, please see the document "How to register for a webinar".

PublicSTEP correspondent and any agent using the STEP application
ObjectiveTo master the functionalities and the parameter setting of the STEP application; to understand its articulation with
Terms and ConditionsYour choice: open-access tutorial and/or live webinar
ProgramConsult the program
DurationSingle session of 2 hours.
CalendarJeudi 2 février 2023 (14h00-16h00)
WebinaireS'inscrire à la session de formation en ligne (02 février 2023)
Self-trainingDiscover STEP in self-training

Self-study modules