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The " E-courses "

The "J.e-courses" sessions are organised on Thursdays from September to June according to a programme defined according to the news of the various tools and services implemented byAbes. Offered in synchronous mode, these regular meetings encourage dialogue and direct exchanges between school professionals andAbesexperts. They are recorded and subsequently broadcast via the self-training platform Abes.

Note: for technical and security reasons, participants in J.e-courses are invited to register according to the procedures defined byAbes. Consult the instructions.

On the program for the 2023-2024 e-courses

AuthoritiesPAPRIKA: spring noveltiesThursday, May 16, 202411am-12pmSign up
ThesesThe new interfaceThursday, April 11, 202411am-12pmSee
ThesesNew authenticated access to restricted thesesThursday, April 04, 202411am-12pmSee
CalamesUse the potential of Calames exports to select data for export to EAD files or components.Thursday, January 25, 202411am-12pmSee
CalamesEnrich Wikimedia Commons: import images of digitized documents accompanied by metadata exported from Wikimedia Commons. CalamesThursday, November 23, 202311am-12pmSee
SudocAccompany the reading of the report "The practical implications of TB for ESR libraries".Thursday, November 16, 202311am-12pmSee
AuthoritiesDerive authority records from VIAF, with IdRefThursday, September 28, 202311am-12pmSee
SudocDiscover the new version of Périscope !Thursday, September 14, 202311am-12pmSee
SudocChanges to cartographic resource reporting guidelinesThursday, July 6, 202311am-12pmSee
SudocRDV Expert: Reporting electronic resources using Abes tools (BACON, Sudoc)Thursday, June 22, 202311am-12pmSee
CalamesDevelopments in library EAD best practices and their gradual implementation in libraries CalamesThursday, April 13, 202311am-12pmSee
SudocQualiMarc, a tool for analyzing the quality of bibliographic records in the SudocThursday, March 16, 202311am-12pmSee
AuthorityExpert researchThursday, February 02, 202311am-12pmSee