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The Doctoral Student's Guide

The Doctoral Student's Guide constitutes a common base for the institutions entitled to award the doctorate with regard to the reporting, deposit, conservation and valorisation of doctoral theses.


Report your thesis in preparation

STEP This is a national professional application for the reporting of theses in preparation, and is used by the majority of institutions authorized to award doctorates, in order to enhance the value of doctoral research in progress. Thus, the subjects of theses in progress are referenced and disseminated via

The STEP application is accessible to doctoral students provided that their institution authorizes this access. A certificate of registration of a thesis in preparation is given to the doctoral student either via his/her STEP account or by asking the STEP correspondent at his/her institution.

For more information, doctoral students are invited to contact the service responsible for reporting theses in preparation, usually the doctoral school or the Common Service of Documentation.

Regulatory texts

As an official document, the doctoral thesis is governed by a set of official texts.

Texts in force

Texts applicable before 01/09/2016

These regulatory texts, cited for the record, were repealed by the order of 25 May 2016 setting the national training framework and the procedures leading to the award of the national doctoral diploma.

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