Fee schedule: membership of the networks and services of theAbes

The calculation methods were adopted by theAbes Board of Directors at its meeting on July 2, 2021. Rates are defined exclusive of tax.

Base rate Sudoc

The membership fee for the "base" Sudoc combines two criteria:

  • The number of agents in the institution's documentation structure. The main source of information is the ESGBU (latest year published). In parallel, a survey is carried out byAbes among establishments that do not respond to the ESGBU. The cost of the agent's share is set at €66 per agent.
  • The number of printed books (monographs) located by the establishment at Sudoc on March 31 preceding the date on which the agreement is drawn up.

The price scale is defined according to 5 bands:

  • Group 0 (1 to 50,000 monographs): €2,078
  • Group 1 (50,001 to 100,000 monographs): €3,495
  • Group 2 (100,001 to 200,000 monographs): €5,063
  • Group 3 (200,001 to 400,000 monographs): €6,753
  • Group 4 (over 400,001 monographs): €7,340

A surcharge of €541 is applied to establishments outside the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR). If the total amount is less than €2,707, the base fee is set at a flat rate of €2,707.

More information: Network membership conditions Sudoc

Tariff Calames

The fee for participation in the Calames network is calculated on the basis of the volume of the institution's collections intended to be listed on Calames. This volume is expressed in linear metres according to the survey carried out before the date of the agreement.

The tariff schedule is defined according to three bands:

  • Group 0 (1 to 150 ml): €349
  • Group 1 (150 ml to 800 ml): € 520
  • Group 2 (801 ml and over): €826

WorldCat Services Membership - OCLC

Through theAbes contract with OCLC, member institutions of theAbes networks can benefit from WorldCat holdings services and the use of query APIs:

The Worldcat membership fee is based on the number of printed books (monographs) located at Sudoc as of 31 March prior to the date the agreement is established. The fee schedule is defined according to 5 bands:

  • Group 0 (1 to 50,000 monographs): €466
  • Group 1 (50,001 to 100,000 monographs): €744
  • Group 2 (100,001 to 200,000 monographs): €1,073
  • Group 3 (200,001 to 400,000 monographs): €1,177
  • Group 4 (400,001 monographs or more): €1,305

Learn more aboutWorldCat membership

CERL membership for extended access to the HPB database

Within the framework of the contract negotiated byAbes with the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL), member institutions of theAbes networks can join CERL in order to benefit from extended access to the HPB - Heritage of the Printed Book Database for an annual flat fee of :

  • 541 € EXCL. TAX

Permanent grouping of orders for the acquisition of electronic resources - Management fees

A permanent grouping of orders has been set up as of 1 January 2021 and concerns all contracts negotiated for the member institutions of the Couperin consortium as of this same date. Annual management feesare applied to the carrying of this grouping of orders. They are set at 220 € excluding VAT (with the application of the normal VAT rate) for each contract in which the institution participates.

For institutions that are already members of one or more previously formed consortia, the current agreements will continue to apply until the end of the contract with the annual management fee indicated in each agreement.

Please note: there are no management fees for GC OpenEdition Journals (Freemium model)

Annual grouping of orders for BMS - Management fees

Each year until 2025, a new grouping will be proposed. It will be made up of institutions that have decided to join forces to conduct negotiations for the renewal of their SGB contract.

The management fee, invoiced once only, is fixed for each member at 0.15% (excl. VAT) of the cost (excl. VAT) of the annual subscription to the SGBm (calculated over the 5 years of the previous contract)

Abes - Registration fees and sponsoring

Participation in the Abes days is subject to a fee. Fees were revised at the Board meeting of November 20, 2023.

  • documentation professionals who are members of aAbes network or who work in an EPST that is not a member of the Abes networks: €100 excluding VAT
  • professionals working for a private company (publishers, SGB suppliers, service providers, etc.): €400 excluding VAT

Please note: players in the IST field (scientific publishers, BMS suppliers, etc.) benefit from a sponsorship offer which, depending on the package chosen, entitles them to a stand and/or 30 minutes' speaking time in the plenary session during the Journées Abes.

The sponsorship offer consists of the following packages:

  • pack institutional : 750 ex VAT(reserved for public bodies and associations in the sector)
  • crystal pack: €1,500 excl.
  • goldpack: 4,000 EXCL. TAX
  • diamondpack: 7,000 EXCL. TAX

Download the Journées sponsorship offer Abes : French version / English version (PDF format 700 Ko)