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Shared services: acquisition and reporting of electronic resources

TheAbes permanent grouping of orders for electronic resources contracts

Couperin Logo

Working closely with the negotiators of the Couperin.orgconsortium,Abes has been mandated by the MESR to set up groupings of orders, and to sign and execute contracts for the acquisition of electronic resources from the main scientific publishers.

As part of this high value-added activity,Abes is coordinating a permanent group of orders covering 13 separate subscription contracts for electronic resources (data February 2021), including the Elsevier journal subscription contract, carried out in close collaboration with the MESR and the consortium, as part of a national license subscription financed on a pooled basis. 


List of resources acquired on behalf of RSE institutions

Cairn Journals - Cairn

109 establishments

2017 – 2021

CAS SciFinder, Sci Finder n - CAS

35 institutions

2019 – 2021

Web of Science/InCites and related services - Clarivate

In the process of being established


Dalloz Digital Library,, Dalloz reviews - Dalloz

80 institutions

2019 – 2021

Databases in Economics and Management - EBSCO

71 establishments

2020 – 2022

Journals and associated open access publishing services - EDP Sciences

66 establishments

2017 – 2021

Complete Freedom Collection, French Medical Library, Cell Press and related services - Elsevier

164 establishments

2019 – 2022

Scopus/SciVal and associated services - Elsevier

In the process of being established


Jstor Reviews - Jstor

89 establishments

2021 – 2023

Lexis 360 - LexisNexis

67 establishments

2019 – 2021

OpenEdition Journals - OpenEdition 

100 establishments

2018 – 2021

Humanities and Social Sciences Databases - ProQuest

20 institutions

2020 – 2022

Lamyline - Wolters Kluwer

65 institutions

2020 – 2022


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The participation ofAbes in nationally licensed electronic resource acquisition programmes

As part of the national ISTEX (2012-2018) and CollEx-Persée (2019-2022) programs,Abes has been mandated by the MESR to acquire, under national licenses, a vast corpus of multidisciplinary electronic resources (journals and ebooks, digitized heritage documents, databases, etc.).

CollEx-Perforated LogoThe resources - acquired or in the process of being acquired - are selected from a collection of needs identified from the various scientific communities and from the analysis of offers from commercial publishers.

The management of access to resources as well as the valorisation of resources at the beneficiary institutions are an integral part of this mission.

Logo ISTEXThe platform ISTEX

Please note: the use of the advanced services of the ISTEX platform requires a subscription from the institutions.

More than 23 million documents from 29 corpus scientific literature in all disciplines are available to the RSE community from the platform ISTEX.

Developed and administered byInist-CNRS, the platform ISTEX offers innovative data processing services that promote the extraction of structured data. This structuring of data is essential for carrying out certain content mining operations (TDM) or producing terminological corpora. the triple store

Opened in March 2021, the database lists the articles and chapters of certain corpora acquired under national licences. Its content is evolving.

Searchable in SPARQL, provides metadata modelled in RDF at a fine level of granularity (articles, chapters) and in a homogeneous form, in accordance with the principles of Linked Open Data (LOD).

The metadata are enriched with links to repositories (ORCID, IdRef).


National licenses acquired (July 2020 data)

American Chemistry Society (journals)

Volume: 37 titles (Chemistry)

Coverage: from the origins to 2008

Brepols (journals)

Volume: 45 titles (Humanities)

Coverage: 1882 to 2012

Brepols (ebooks)

Volume: 849 titles (Humanities)

Coverage: 1962 to 2016

Brill (journals) 

Volume: 220 titles (all disciplines)

Coverage : from the origins to 2012

British Medical Journal (journals)

Volume: 64 titles (Medicine)

Coverage : from the origins to 2013

Cambridge University Press (ebooks )

Volume: 110 titles (Political Science)

Coverage: 1996-2019

Cambridge University Press (journals)

Volume: 312 titles (all disciplines)

Coverage : 1770 to 2010

Classiques Garnier Numérique (ebooks)

Contents: Large Corpus of dictionaries (24 dictionaries); Large Corpus of French grammars, remarks and treatises on language (48 titles)

Coverage: 14th to 20th century

De Gruyter (journals)

Volume : 474 titles (all disciplines)

Coverage : from the origins to 2012

De Gruyter (French languageebooks)

Volume : 223 titles (Humanities)

Coverage : 1965 to 2017

De Gruyter(ebooks)

Volume: 1291 titles (Ancient Sciences)

Coverage: 1990-2020

Droz (ebooks)

Volume: 578 titles from the 'Calvin' and 'Humanism and Renaissance' portals

Coverage : 1863 to 2017

Duke University Press (journal)

Volumetrics : Duke MathematicalJournal

Coverage : 1935 to 2012

Early English Books Online (EEBO)

Content: heritage library

Volume: 125,000 titles

Cover: digitised version of all printed matter (books, almanacs, journals, tracts, etc.) published between 1473 and 1700 in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the British colonies in North America.

EDP Sciences (journals)

Volume : more than 90 titles in different fields (Mathematics, Physics, Life Sciences)

Coverage: generally from origins to 2016

Elsevier (journals)

Volume : over 2,200 titles (all disciplines)

Coverage: from the origins to 2001

Emerald (magazines)

Volume : 362 titles (Economics and Management)

Coverage: 1898 to 2010 inclusive

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)

Content: heritage library

Volume: 180,000 titles (200,000 volumes)

Cover: printed between 1701 and 1800 in Great Britain and British colonies.

Geological Society of London (ebooks)

Volume: 305 titles 

Coverage: 1964 to 2008

Institute of Physics Publishing (journals)

Volume: 107 titles (Physical)

Coverage : from the origins to 2012

Karger (ebooks)


Volume: 133 titles (Medicine)

Coverage: 2015-2019

Lavoisier (journals)

Volume: 34 titles (mainly in the medical field)

Cover : generally from the origins to 2 titles (013

Nature (magazines)

Volume: Nature magazine and 7 other titles

Coverage: from the origins to 2012  

New Pauly Online

Contents: Reference encyclopaedia in the field of Ancient Sciences (English and German version)

Digital Premium (ebooks)

Volume: 268 titles 

Coverage : 1962 to 2015

OpenEdition Books

Volume: 1,195 research books (History, Anthropology, Sociology)

Coverage: 2003 to 2017 

Oxford University Press (journals)

Volume: 266 titles (all disciplines)

Coverage : from the origins to 2010

Recueil des cours de l'Académie de La Haye (ebooks)

Volume/coverage: 338 volumes of lectures of The Hague Academy of International Law (1923-2012), 15 colloquium titles (1969-2008), 8 titles of the Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations (2000-2008), 7 titles of The Law Books of the Academy (1988-2010)

Royal Society of London (journals)

Volume: 29 titles (all fields)

Coverage : from the origins to 2014

Royal Society of Chemistry (journals)

Volume: 118 titles (Chemistry)

Coverage : from the origins to 2010

Royal Society of Chemistry (ebooks)

Volume: 1,200 books

Coverage : 1968 to 2014

Sage (magazines)

Volume: 748 titles (all disciplines)

Coverage : from the origins to 2009

Springer Nature (ebooks)

Volume: over 38,000 titles (all fields)

Coverage: 1891 to 2013

Springer Nature (journals)

Volume: over 1,900 titles

Coverage: from the origins to 2014

Taylor & Francis (ebooks)

Volume: 1,494 titles (Political Science and International Relations)

Coverage: 1977 to 2012

Wiley (journals)

Volume: almost 2200 titles

Coverage: from the origins to 2016

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Supported by theAbes, the CNRS, the Couperin consortium and the University of Lorraine on behalf of the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), the "Investissements d'Avenir" programme ISTEX - Initiative d'excellence pour l'Information Scientifique et Technique (Initiative of Excellence for Scientific and Technical Information) aimed to "offer access to retrospective collections of digital scientific literature " to the entire ESR community.

Signed on 19 April 2012 by the French National Research Agency (ANR), the French State and the CNRS, and scheduled for the period 2012-2018, the agreement for the allocation of aid for the Acquisitions component of the ISTEX project amounted to 60 million euros.

to be consulted: the massive acquisition policy carried out within the framework of the ISTEX project was the subject of a report by the Inspection Générale des Bibliothèques (IGB): Première étude d'impact de la politique des licences nationales (July 2018)

ISTEX, towards innovative services for access to knowledge (February 2012), summary by Raymond Bérard, director ofAbes until June 2013

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Support plan for scientific publishing

In theMesri Marianne logo framework of the Law for a Digital Republic promulgated on October 7, 2016 and with a view to developing open access to scientific documentation and data mining, the MESR has set up a Support plan for French scientific publishing supported by a Scientific Publishing Monitoring Committee composed of representatives of the research, library and publishing communities.

Mandated by the MESR,Abes administers the contracts signed with publishers under the Plan de soutien à l'édition scientifique. These agreements, negotiated by the MESR, the Couperin consortium andAbes, offer innovative terms and conditions tailored to the specific needs of each publisher.


Articles from the 30 journals selected from the SHS publisher Cairn's offer are freely accessible via the platform since January 2019.

In addition, articles from 12 journals will be uploaded to the ISTEX platform to be integrated into the content mining system (to be made available in 2020).


EDP Sciences 

The agreement signed with 28 journals reiterates EDP Sciences' commitment to open access through three levers:

  • Generalize CC-BY type licenses to all published articles by the end of this contract (2017-2021)  
  • encourage the gradual transition of all journals to fullopen access by abandoning the model combining access fees and publication fees 
  • Maintain a reasonable and sustainable APC (Article Processing Charges) pricing policy for both RSE institutions and the publisher.

EDP Sciences is committed to the liberalization of data mining operations by providing structured formats that can be used for these operations via the ISTEX.



Involved from its inception in promoting open access, the OpenEdition platform currently hosts more than 450 journals, 75% of which are in immediate open access. The contract signed in 2018 provides for the transition of the remaining journals (25%) with a moving barrier to this open model, at a rate of 15 journals per year, over a period of 4 years.

Articles from 161 journals will be provided in the formats required by the ISTEX platform in order to be integrated into the content mining system.

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