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Library management systems

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Data exchange requirements

As a bibliographic agency and national IT infrastructure serving ESR data,Abes is responsible for the standardisation of the data formats disseminated . As such, it issues recommendations in terms of security and interoperability of workflows between Sudoc and the Library Management Systems (LMS) of the libraries in its networks.

BMS providers and developers are invited to comply with the recommendations ofAbes, in particular with regard to data exchanges Sudoc carried out in the framework of Regular Transfers.

The need for this technical cooperation is reinforced in the framework of the national Bibliographic Transition programme and the work carried out by the Systems and Data WG. The bibliographic transition implies regular evolutions of the UNIMARC format. In order to follow these evolutions, modifications of the exchange formats are regularly implemented.

Available Formats

Please note: sample records Sudoc (see "To be downloaded" tab) are available for suppliers to test the interoperability between Sudoc and the BMSs marketed by them.


Dialogue with the market players in the computerisation of ESR libraries

Technical cooperation involves a sustained dialogue with software publishers and suppliers, user associations and consultants to define the expected features and compliance of software.

After the successful experience with the mBMS framework agreement,Abes continues to assist libraries in the choice of a BMS solution adapted to their needs. To this end, it is necessary to have accurate information on the capabilities of library management systems, especially in the context of data exchange with Sudoc.

To this end,Abes has joined forces with Tosca Consultants to conduct an annual survey of all software publishers present on the market. The aim of this survey is to qualify the exchange capacities of software with the tools of theAbes. The information collected is for internal use byAbes.

The aim of this approach is to engage in cooperation with publishers on all issues relating to the development of their software.

Note: Tosca Consultants publishes an annual comparison of library software in France, comparable to the study conducted by Marshall Breeding for the American market

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