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Standardization: templates and formats

Data Output Formats


The format used for the production of the data Sudoc is based on the international UNIMARC format but has some differences with it. To find out the format of the data, consult the Methodological Guide of the Sudoc

Please note: proposals for changes to the UNIMARC format are prepared by the French UNIMARC Committee (CfU), a group attached to the national Bibliographic Transition programme . The proposals are then studied at the international level within the framework of the Permanent Unimarc Committee (PUC ), of whichAbes 's Standards Officer is a member. Updates to the format are available on the IFLA website.

Bibliographical data - UNIMARC/B

Status: International standard
1st edition: 1977
Current edition: 2008

  • French version. IFLA. UNIMARC Manual: bibliographic format. Translated by the CfU.
    • printed 5th French ed. K. G. Saur, 2007. (IFLA Series on Bibliographic Control; vol. 33). ISBN 978-3-598-11779-4
      Please note: this document does not contain updates to the format since 2007.
    • online: continuous updates. Takes into account the text of the 3rd English edition of 2008. Includes an original translation, validated by the French UNIMARC Committee, of all the fields in the format and links to international updates not yet translated into French. Consult the UNIMARC Manual on the Bibliographic Transition website
  • English version. IFLA. UNIMARC Manual Bibliographic Format. 3rd edition. 2008.
    • printed K. G. Saur, 2008. ISBN 978-3-598-24284-7
      Please note : updates are available on the IFLA website
  • abridged English version. IFLA. UNIMARC Concise Bibliographic Format. 2008. 


Authority data - UNIMARC/A

Status: International standard
1st edition: 1991
Current edition: 2009

  • French version. IFLA. UNIMARC Manual: authority format. Translation prepared by the CfU. 2004.
  • English version. IFLA. UNIMARC manual. Authorities format. 2009.
    • online: permanent updates. Consult on the IFLA website
    • printed K. G. Saur, 2009. ISBN 978-3-598-24286-1
      Note: updates are available on the IFLA website


The format used for the description of archives and manuscripts in the database Calames is the XML EAD (Encoded Archival Description) format in its 2002 version.

Status: International Standard
1st edition: 1993
Edition used in France: 2002

  • French version. EAD in libraries, Good Practice Guide. 2013.
  • English version. EAD DTD Version 2002.

Supplements: EAD news, EAD3 version (2015) and full documentation onthe format


The theses reported in the STEP and STAR applications are described in accordance with the AFNOR TEF recommendation - French electronic theses.

See references on the Norms and Standards page > Bibliographic Description > Theses


The reporting of electronic documentation in the BACON database follows the KBART recommendation in its latest version (2014).

Status: International Recommendation
1st edition: 2010
Current edition: 2014

  • French version. Report prepared by the NISO/UKSG KBART working group. January 2010.

Please note: the French translation has not been updated following the release of the revised version of KBART in 2014. It is only available in English, see below.

  • English version. NISO RP-9-2014, KBART: Knowledge Bases and Related Tools Recommended Practice. 2014.
    • online: consult theISOwebsite

Exchange Formats

To find out about the different formats for exchanging bibliographic data provided byAbes, see the section: Reuse of data