Settlement Project 2018-2022

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The 2018-2022 facility project was validated at the Board of Directors meeting on October 25, 2018. This strategic project carries the ambition of overhaulingAbes's main reporting tools. It is accompanied by a Five-Year Contract 2018-2022 between the MESR andAbes validated at the Board of Directors meeting on November 5, 2018.

This project has been developed in an iterative way using different channels:

  • capitalising on the collective expertise of theAbes teams, built up over years of practice in contact with users and French and foreign partners, in particular during a seminar conducted as an open forum (September 2017), then during several working meetings held in 2018
  • taking into account the recommendations resulting from the evaluation and analysis of the existing situation:
  • consultation withAbes 's main stakeholders: MESR, Board of Directors, Scientific Council, ADBU - SSI commission representing users
  • the consultation of users and partners of the Abes (May 2018), conducted via a dedicated wiki