Partnerships and cooperation

L'Abes, a partner in structuring projects for university and research documentation

Open data for open science

In the context of the Committee for Open Science (CoSO) and National Open Science Plans (1st plan 2018-2021 and 2nd plan 2021-2024),Abes has strengthened its policy in favour of openness and interoperability of the data and systems it administers. Within CoSO,Abes is a member of the Europe and International College.

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This national strategic axis is reflected in particular by the voluntary action of the inAbes favour of the openness, quality and interoperability of identifiers and authority data, which is reflected in the wide reuse of the identifierIdRef.

It is also with this objective in mind thatAbes, since its creation at the end of 2019, and in collaboration with the Couperin consortium, the ORCID France consortium for enhanced visibility of researchers' identifiers on an international scale.


From 2010, the Abes company's commitment to the dissemination of open and interoperable data and identifiers has taken concrete form, in particular through the creation and then widespread reuse of l’identifier IdRef by higher education and research information systems and databases.

As of 2012, the vast majority of metadata produced by member institutions of the networks administered by the Abes Etalab License / Open LicenseThis guarantees its dissemination and free reuse. Consult the conditions of use according to the type of data. 

Building the national digital library

Since its inception in 2012,Abes has been one of the founding members of the project ISTEX. It sits on the Steering Committee ISTEX.

Since 2019, the activity of financial porting for the acquisition of electronic resources under national licence continues in the framework of the Plan de soutien aux éditeurs (MESRI) and in the framework of the Acquisition component of the GIS CollEx-Persée (see below).

In close contact with the negotiators of the Couperin consortium, theAbes is mandated by the MESRI to constitute groupings of ordersTo sign and execute contracts for the acquisition of electronic resources from the main scientific publishers.


Accompanying the bibliographic transition

Led jointly by the Abes and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), the national program Transition Bibliography is part of an international dynamic of transformation of bibliographic information models.

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As part of this program, three national working groups (Training; Standardization; Systems and Data) are producing the new bibliographic description standards resulting from these models. The program fully involves professional associations and training organizations.

As a national bibliographic agency, the NABAbes participates actively in the main bibliographic standardization bodies:

  • French UNIMARC Committee (CFU): the CFU Standardization Mission ManagerAbes is in charge of piloting
  • Permanent Unimarc Committee (PUC), committee under the aegis of theIFLA the Abes Head of Mission Standardization at the PUC where she represents the CFU's requests.
  • EURIG  - European RDA interest group Working Group on Aggregates: the Abes and BnF, as co-pilot of the Transition Bibliographique programme, represents French expectations and specificities.

In addition, within the framework of AFNOR, heAbes is a member of several working groups within the National Commission 46 - Information and Documentation,  mirror of theISO/TC 46, the commission in charge of these missions at the international level.

Launched in 2017 at the instigation of BnFAbes and BnF, which are responsible for steering it under the authority of the Strategic Bibliography Committee (SBC)the National Entity File (NEF) project constitutes a structuring element for the ongoing bibliographical transition. Indeed, the FNE project aims to design a platform for co-producing authority data, called "entities" according to the new bibliographic model. IFLA-LRM.

Serving Collections of Excellence with Collex-Persée

As the national operator serving the libraries of the ESR, itAbes is part of the Council of Members of the Collex-Perse GIS which "encourages and financially supports collaborative approaches to digitization, metadata enrichment and/or the development of other types of services on corpuses of documents and data of various kinds".

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Within the framework of its missions, itAbes is involved in several capacities in different Working Groups (WG) coordinated by the GIS Collex-Persée :

  •  WG on Acquisitions Abes is in charge with its partners of the negotiations and national license purchases specialised electronic resources for the use of research communities, to complement the offer already available within the documentation structures
  • WG "Cartography": co-piloted by BnFAbes and BnF
  • Shared Conservation Plans WG
  • WG "Provision of remote documentation".
  • WG on Perennial Digital Archiving

In addition, within the framework of the Calls for Projects regularly launched by Collex-Persée to the ESR library community, Collex-PerséeAbes is a partner in many projects led by institutions, particularly projects relating to the alignment of identifiers or involving the enrichment of authority data.

L'Abes, partner of the main actors of scientific and technical information

The missions carried out by the ISTAbes are carried out within the framework of partnerships and operational cooperation with the main actors in the field of STI and documentation:

Cooperation within the framework of the SGBm framework agreement and the reporting of doctoral theses to enable interoperability between the STAR / STEP and APOGEE production environments and the enrolment management system put in place by the EUMA


Data exchange and sharing; co-piloting of the Transition Bibliography Program and the project to implement a National Entity File (FNE)

Data exchanges between Calames and the CERL portal; membership of the HPB - Heritage Print Books database

Cooperation in the framework of the valorisation and reporting of defended doctoral theses (and other versions of the thesis) deposited on the TEL platform, open archive for the deposit of theses implemented by the CCSD. Learn more

Hosting of all the servers and database administered by the Abes ; perennial archiving of digital copies of defended doctoral theses. Learn more

Cooperation in carrying the e-resource order bundless, the acquisition of national licences and the ORCID France consortium


Cooperation within the framework of the continuous education of library staff; consultation and exchanges on training programmes in accordance with the changes required by the Correspondents' assignments Sudoc

Cooperation on the concerted management of plans for the shared preservation of periodicals (PCPP) in the Ile de France region.

Provision of descriptive metadata of doctoral theses withAbes a view to their international valorisation. Learn more

Cooperation in the framework of vocational training (hosting of trainees and project teams; regular interventions of experts from the Abes

Conventional framework agreement to facilitate the concerted management of plans for the shared preservation of periodicals (PCPP) at the regional level (excluding Paris and Ile de France.

Cooperation in electronic resource acquisition programs ISTEX and CollEx-Persée data processing/reporting and platform powering ISTEX  and PANIST; operational partnership for the retrospective processing of the Arabesques magazine, in its digital version on the Prairial portal

Provision of specialist medical authority notices (FMeSH notices)

Cooperation in the framework of the project " Arabesques online on Prairial "which uses the editorial chain developed by Métopes

Close cooperation in the reporting and identification of serial publications. Provision and enrichment of data from the ISSN Registry. Shared use of the professional application CIDEMIS - dematerialized circuit of ISSN applications, developed by the Abes in close cooperation with the CIEPS and ISSN France. Learn more

Scientific cooperation within the framework of the ANR research project "Qualinca", an artificial intelligence service at the basis of the data quality system and data linking. Learn more

Operational partnership for the valorisation of descriptive data of open access serials (mutual enrichment of data; identifiers and links to facilitate bounces)

Sudoc is based on the Central Bibliographic System (CBS) and its software suite, distributed by OCLC. As such,Abes , as a CBS partner, participates in the international user group dedicated to the exchange of information and technical guidance. The member institutions of the Sudoc network wishing to benefit from the localization services and the Worldcat APIs have the possibility tojoin OCLC.


In 2020, the French-speaking network of documentation signed a partnership withAbes to supplyIdRef with data relating to French-speaking Switzerland and to develop its use in Swiss libraries

Exchange of information and good practices

InvolvementAbes in professional associations


The Association of ESR Library Directors representsAbes the interests of the ESR's documentary institutions, particularly in the work of the SSI Commission - Reporting and Information Systems.


Association of French Librarians

Association of Documentalists and Specialized Librarians 

Higher Education and Research Informatics Services Committee

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

Each year, itAbes participates in the congress of the European League of Research Libraries (LIBER), whose president is a member of the Scientific Council of the European Union.Abes