Arabesques n°107

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Artificial intelligence: the machine at the service of collections

october-november-december 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been present in the digital world for some fifty years now, and is gradually conquering all sectors of our society.

While its application in the field of documentation is still in its infancy, and the possibilities it opens up still largely unexplored, the experimental stage is over. Artificial intelligence is gradually becoming an integral part of librarians' daily lives, leading them to rethink their professional practices, the digital environment within their establishments, and the processing of data and collections which, as Alix Chagué and Laurent Romary point out in their inaugural article, are likely to be both consulted by humans and analyzed by machines.

In a sign of the growing interest in AI on the part of documentation professionals, a participative and international community, christened ai4LAM, was created in 2018 to publicize the applications of technologies linked to artificial intelligence in the fields of libraries, archives and museums. The French-speaking group created within this community last June with, in particular, the aim of making documents available in French and sharing experiences, should contribute to the appropriation of this new field by French professionals.

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