Arabesques n°85

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April-May-June 2017

File: Authorities, identifiers, entities - The expansion of repositories

The volume and diversity of metadata circulating in information systems (in higher education, research, culture) require a rethinking of the role of authority repositories. Regarded as trusted data at the service of the development of open data and the semantic web, they constitute a precious capital, a guarantee of independence, while questioning in depth classical cataloguing practices.


Authorities, identifiers, entities - The expansion of repositories

  • Repositories and their use today - Vincent Boulet (BnF)
  • Three times on the profession let's put the notions back: 3 questions to the ABES experts - François Mistral, Philippe Le Pape, Yann Nicolas, Olivier Rousseaux (ABES)
  • IdRefthe authorities in conquest and sharing - François Mistral (ABES)
  • Qualinca and IdRef, the integration is underway - Aline Le Provost (ABES)
  • We have the safes, we need the right keys - Jérôme Poumeyrol (Director of the DocumentationBordeaux University)
  • They useIdRef ...
    • Perseus, confirmed partner - Viviane Bouthereau (Perseus)
    • Conditor, the future common pot of metadata - Annie Coret (DIST-CNRS)
    • ADUM, more visibility for doctoral students - Catherine Morales (ADUM)
    • AureHal and its unifying IdHal - Bruno Marmol, Bénédicte Kuntziger (CCSD)
    • Lahra and "historical objects" - Pierre Vernus (Lahra)
    • Prelib and Breton Literature - Nelly Blanchard, Jean-Baptiste Pressac, Mannaig Thomas (CRBC)
    • CapLab for monitoring unit activity - Romain Thouy (EUAM)
  • The RNSR, the backbone of the SI research - Isabelle Pouliquen, Isabelle Kabla-Langlois, Xiaofeng Chen (MENESR)
  • The future FNE: towards a real co-production - Frédérique Johannic-Seta (BnF)
  • Culture draws its "graph" - Marie-Véronique Leroi (MCC)
  • The Museum herbarium: feedback on the co-construction of reference frames - Chloé Besombes, Simon Chagnoux, Gildas Illien (MNHN)

Spotlight on

  • Richelieu: the doors open on art and history - Camille Dégez-Selves (Bibliothèque École des Chartes), Anne-Elisabeth Buxtorf (Bibliothèque de l'INHA)
    • Library of Charters : Farewell Sorbonne, hello Petits-Champs
    • INHA Library: 150,000 documents in the Labrouste Room

News & Events

  • Abes 2017 Days: ask for the program! - Christine Fleury (ABES)


  • Sara Bernard, Head of the Documentary Information System at the University of Caen