Arabesques n°102

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Cooperation networks and libraries, a tour of Europe

July-August-September 2021

How do our European neighbours respond to the major challenges of scientific and technical information, such as open science, shared catalogues, the promotion of theses, and the management of authority files, all of which are dealt with in France by theAbes and its partners, first and foremost the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the Couperin Consortium?

For this summer issue, Arabesques invites you on a journey through Europe to discover the testimonies of 9 countries. We discover the strength of networks and mutualisation, and, whatever the status chosen, the absolute necessity of developing a strategy on a national scale, or even beyond its borders, as the example of the Western Balkans shows.

These testimonies highlight the extent to which the problems and solutions provided are widely shared by scientific and technical information professionals throughout Europe. They also highlight the uniqueness of the French model, organised around a national agency,Abes, whose missions have increased and diversified over the years.

Enjoy your reading!