Arabesques n°103

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Bibliometrics and open science, exploring new territories

October-November-December 2021

This new dossier explores the uses of bibliometrics and how open science is reshuffling the deck in this activity.

Sometimes criticised when it leads to the production of international university rankings or is used clumsily for the evaluation of researchers, bibliometrics, by providing quantitative indicators based on the statistical analysis of vast bodies of publications, is nevertheless a valuable tool that contributes to the monitoring and steering of scientific research.

Opening up and measuring science can go hand in hand, as Frédérique Bordignon asserts, and it is possible to practice "open and responsible" bibliometrics, as Grégory Colcanap and Françoise Rousseau claim in their article, which is based on the results of a survey conducted by Couperin among 5,500 researchers on their documentary research practices, including the use of bibliometric databases.

As forAbes, the immense quantities of data it manages constitute a real treasure trove for bibliometric explorations. In this issue, you will also discover the experiments carried out in the universities of Paris-Saclay, Reims and Rennes 1.

Enjoy your reading!