Arabesques n°104

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CollEx-Persée: a mechanism for documentary excellence

January-February-March 2022

Conceived in 2014 to replace the Cadist system (Centres for the acquisition and dissemination of scientific and technical information), which had become obsolete, the CollEx-Persée scientific interest group (GIS), officially created in 2017, has profoundly changed the French scientific and technical information landscape.
While the GIS published its self-evaluation in December 2021 and the reflection process is in full swing to give birth to CollEx-Persée 2 from 2023 onwards, the dossier in this issue of Arabesques, entitled "CollEx-Persée: a mechanism at the service of documentary excellence", proposes to take stock of the issues, problems and prospects of this unique tool and presents several documentary projects carried out within the framework that it has made possible. 
This first issue of 2022 also introduces a new section, "System D, a tool for your data", following the suggestions made by our readers in the 2021 readership survey.
Happy reading! Happy New Year 2022!