Arabesques n°83

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July-August-September 2016

In this issue: Creating links, making sense - A new lease of life on data

The Editorial Board of the Arabesques Review informs its faithful readers that the publication of issue 84 has been delayed to January 2017.

Dossier: Creating links, making sense - A new lease of life on data

  • The web of data, of "networked information", Thomas Francart
  • The Abes on the data web, Michael Jeulin
  • The metadata hub, Yann Olivier
  • Archives and data web: contexts and perspectives, Jean-Marie Feurtet
  • Bibframe, a new data model for libraries, Reinhold Heuvelmann
  • PRESSoo: describing continuous resources in the data web, Patrick Leboeuf and Clément Oury
  • The data web at the BNF, Jérôme Villeminoz
  • The web, the rebirth of research publishing, Robin Berjon
  • Three-phase: co-construction of a termino-ontological resource, Agnès Girard and Claire Nédellec
  • Linked data, issues and future, Michael Jeulin, Aline Le Provost and Yann Olivier

Spotlight on

The CNAM, a "revolutionary" ensemble

News & Events

  • A look back at the UKSG 2016 Days
  • BiblioDebout


Marie-Line Guillaumée, SU coordinator and cataloguing correspondent at the Sorbonne Inter-University Library

Cover illustration: Dandelion (Photo Esin Ustün / CC-BY 2.0)