Arabesques n°82

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April-May-June 2016

In this issue 82 :

Dossier: Consortia and library networks - Time for cooperation

  • Diversity of forms and missions of library consortia, Maurits van der Graaf
  • A consortium, consortia, Grégory Miura
  • Issues and role of the Couperin consortium in the acquisition of electronic resources, André Dazy and Martine Coppet
  • The Icolc: between networking and lobbying, Sandrine Malotaux
  • From the BPI to the Carel Network, Cécile Denier
  • Mutualisation actions aroundopen access in France and European partnerships, Christine Ollendorff
  • Scoap3: a consortium to support open access in particle physics, Herbert Gruttemeier and Thérèse Hameau
  • Praise for the Ifla in a time of globalisation, Franck Hurinville and Viviana Quiñones
  • The BDIC within the Labex "The Past in the Present", Frédérique Joannic-Seta and Valérie Tesnière
  • The Labex TransferS and the Centre d'Archives en Philosophie, Histoire et Edition des Sciences: a cooperation around documentation, Nathalie Queyroux
  • Le Cerl, a community around the ancient funds, Marian Lefferts
  • A look back at BHL-Europe: a consortium for a digitisation programme, Gwenaëlle Bourriaud, Pascale Heurtel and Alice Lemaire
  • TheAbes, a consortium? Jérôme Kalfon

Spotlight on

The University Library of the University of Corsica Pascal Paoli, Martine Mollet

News & Events

  • What's new with Istex?
  • The Abes 2016 Days
  • The CTLES Professional Days
  • Afnor Days 2016


Julien Sicot, Head of the Prospective and Development Department at the SCD of Rennes 2

Cover illustration: Ant bridge unity (Phot. Lirtlon / All rights reserved)