Arabesques n°87

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Special Feature: Understanding the Issues

October-November-December 2017

This special issue, coordinated by Philippe Le Pape, in charge of standardisation atAbes , is devoted to the Bibliographic Transition. This dossier is intended to be a true state of the art on this complex and central issue regarding the future of cataloguing practices.


  • Special Feature: The Bibliographic Transition on the Eve of a Decisive Turning Point
  • Spotlight: Ana'ite, a "cave of knowledge" in Polynesia, Vincent Deyris, Deputy Director of the SCD University of French Polynesia
  • PROFILE - Léa Maubon Librarian, Head of electronic documentation, SCD Université de Poitiers


Special Feature: Understanding the Issues

  • One transition drives out the other, Philippe Le Pape (Abes)
  • Strategy and foresight: a word from the drivers, Frédérique Joannic-Seta (BnF), David Aymonin (Abes)
  • Last call for librarians in transit! Grégory Miura (ADBU - ISS Commission)

TB in the works

  • The Standardization Group: transposing RDA in France, Françoise Leresche (BnF)
  • Between foresight and pragmatism: the Systems & Data group, Renaud Aiutz (Puy-de-Dôme departmental media library)
  • The Training group: explaining and raising awareness, Claire Toussaint (Médiat Rhône-Alpes) and Laurent Piquemal (Abes)
  • When Rameau joined the national program, Florence Ménard (BnF) and Olivier Rousseaux (Abes)

TB in action

  • TB, or the flapping of the butterfly's wings on the scale of a network, Laure Jestaz (Abes)
  • In Lyon, a farewell to old automatisms, Emmanuelle Riou-Genty (SCD Lyon Diderot University)
  • In Paris VII, the GDR makes its way...Laurence Carrion (SCD Univesrité Paris Diderot)

Formats and models

  • Twenty years later: LRM, the fifth musketeer, Philip the Pope (Abes)
  • What will metadata look like in the future? Emmanuelle Bermès (Bnf)
  • BnF's "new generation" Intermarc, Sébastien Peyrard (Bnf)
  • Life of Unimarc in the time of TB, Philippe Le Pape (Abes)
  • RDA, an increasingly international code? Françoise Leresche (BnF)

RDA elsewhere

  • GDR? Yes, but with respect for multilingualism, Thierry Clavel (RERO Network
  • At the Swiss National Library, GDR is already trilingual, Christian Aliverti (Swiss National Library)
  • Spain, January 1, 2019, "dia cero", Roberto Gómez (National Library of Spain)
  • RDA in Quebec celebrated its 4th anniversary, Daniel Paradis (BAnQ - Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) and Pat Riva (Concordia University, Montreal)


  • AlKindi, an entirely FRBRised catalogue, René-Vincent du Grandlaunay (Bibliothèque de l'Idéo, Cairo)