Arabesques n ° 88

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The ecosystem of continuous resources - Collections between flow and repository

January-February-March 2018

Ongoing resources (newspapers, paper or digital periodicals, websites, etc.) are produced, reported and disseminated by a set of partners organized in complex and fluctuating networks, according to the evolving nature of these resources. It is this "ecosystem" of exchanges and dependencies that this dossier, coordinated by Yves Desrichard, sets out to explore.

  • Spotlight: The historic library of the city of Paris: the challenges of a renovation
  • Feedback on the ADBU Study Day
  • Crossed portraits: Anne Guégan and Anne-Claude Bobin, RC managers of Sudoc-PS, SCD Poitiers

Summary of the file

  • Renewed relevance of the continuing resource, Yves Desrichard (Abes)
  • Sudoc-PS: the continuing resource reported at the national level, Laëtitia Bothorel and Pierre Funk (Abes)
  • The CR40, collections marked by their territory, Véronique Siauve and Sophie Pilaire (CR40)
  • Les périodiques juridiques : le regard de la bibliothèque Cujas, Hélène Besnier and Alix Mérat (CR27)
  • PCP Midi-Pyrénées: ten years of cooperation for regional periodicals, Montserrat Sanchez (CR46)
  • Why a PCP for math journals? Julie Janody (RNBM)
  • The tools of CTLes, national operator and co-facilitator of PCP, Jean-Louis Baraggioli (CTLes)
  • Le site Presse locale ancienne : au fil des Unes d'antan, Valérie Louison-Oudot (BnF)
  • CIDEMIS: the paperless ISSN circuit, Pierre Funk (Abes)
  • COLODUS: manage your copies more simply in the Sudoc, Christophe Parraud (Abes)
  • Web services to be autonomous, Laëtitia Bothorel (Abes)
  • ISTEX : a new string to his ARK, Pascale Viot and Nicolas Thouvenin (INIST-CNRS)
  • Report ISTEX, the good big giant, Yann Nicolas (Abes)
  • BACON and the well-filled bouquets, Benjamin Bober (Abes)
  • CIRCLE: Electronic collections are the bundle! Julie Lempereur and Ilhem Addoun (Abes)
  • About the revision of ISO 3297 and the publication of ISSN data, Gaëlle Béquet (CIEPS)
  • Bibliodiversity in practice:, Christine Berthaud (CCSD)
  • In Clermont-Ferrand and Bordeaux: co-constructed magazines, Yves Desrichard (Abes)