Arabesques n ° 91

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Bibliothèques et réseaux sociaux - Des interactions renouvelées avec le public

Octobre-novembre-décembre 2018

In recent years, university libraries have been resolutely investing in digital social networks in order to improve their attractiveness to their public, without caricaturing their ambitions or missions. Based on detailed experience feedback, this Arabesques dossier offers a complete and contrasting view of these new digital mediation practices.

Summary of the dossier: Libraries and social networks - Dew interactions with the public

  • Communicating in BU in the age of digital social networks, Benjamin Sarcy
  • The @BUBMontaigne tell each other : Twitter and the libraries of the SCD Bordeaux Montaigne, Benjamin Sarcy
  • Audacious and non-relocatable, the Angers BU on social networks, Frédéric Desgranges
  • Investment and permanent reactivity, the libraries of the University of Versailles-St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Chantal Merle & Dorothée Pain
  • Building its presence on social networks, the example of the SCD of the University of Caen Normandy (UNICAEN), Céline Chuiton, Julien Legalle & Jude Talbot
  • Do you like it or not? From the professional use of social networks in the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 BU, Emilie Barthet & Lorine Bandier
  • Academic Libraries & Twitter, Christophe Hugot
  • Itinerary of a community manager, Marc Brohée
  • Research social networks and libraries, where are we? Cécile Arènes
  • Public libraries on social networks, what for? A look back at the survey "Tweets and Likes in the Library", Muriel Amar

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  • The Beehive of the SCD of the University of Poitiers


  • Fifty shades of Jean-Raymond Lalande aka @conservativege - twittos anonymous