Arabesques n°96

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Library evaluation - Beyond statistics and indicators

January-February-March 2020

Among the concerns of library professionals, it is clear that evaluation has expanded its scope and methods: From the evaluation of collections and their use, we have moved on to the evaluation of the services offered, their adequacy to the needs of users, the impact of libraries on student success, etc.
As for evaluation methods, it is an understatement to say that, echoing the digital transition, the deluge of data manipulated by the documentary information systems of institutions remains to be exploited if we wish to rethink their objectives in a context of increased competition and complementarity.

  • Spotlight: La Maison de Campus: the Learning Centre in Castres
  • PROFILE - Bassirou Barry, Correspondent Calames at La Contemporaine

Editorial: The answer is 421 ... or to measure properly, you have to know what the question is! (Davbid Aymonin, Abes)


  • Pauca cupit qui numerare potest : l'évaluation, ce n'est pas que des chiffres (Cécile Touitou, SciencesPo)
  • 4 3 2 1 : when evaluation rhymes with construction (Nelly Sciardis, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France)
  • The Seven Commandments of Library Evaluation (Odile Jullien Cottart, Université Lyon 3)
  • To be filed: an opportunity for librarians? (Julien Sempéré, Paris-Saclay University)
  • Evaluating the use of online resources: an ongoing evolution of consortium tools (Thomas Jouneau, University of Lorraine and Thomas Porquet, Consortium Couperin)
  • mbMS and evaluation: change or continuity? (Gaëlle Denni and Florence Roche, University Grenoble Alpes)
  • Evaluation at the service of quality: feedback from the SCD of Rouen (Christelle Quillet, University of Rouen)
  • BiblioLabs, a tool for the management of the Paris-Saclay University (Vincent Thébault, Paris-Saclay University)
  • BACON : return on the first part of the survey dedicated to uses ( Delphine Bleesz and Bertrand Thomas, Abes)
  • Shared conservation plans for periodicals: a state of the art in signage (Yves Desrichard and Julie Mistral, Abes)

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  • The ADBU Congress (Raluca Pierrot, Abes)


  • The Campus House: the Learning Centre in Castres (Pierre Funk)


  • Bassirou Barry, Correspondent Calames for La Contemporaine