The training courses offered byAbes are reserved for staff working in a member establishment of the Calames network:
- "Cataloguer" training courses are given either in Paris by trainers accredited byAbes, or in Montpellier (atAbes) as part of the roll-out of new establishments;
- "Correspondent" training is given in Montpellier by experts fromAbes.

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Cataloguer Calames

PublicCataloguer specialised in the treatment of archives and manuscripts
ObjectiveMastering cataloguing in Calames
PrerequisiteXML-EAD format
Terms and ConditionsInternship in the classroom. Free
ProgramConsult the Program
Duration2.5 days
LocationsParis (relay facilities)
(your choice)
- from Wednesday December 6 (2:00 pm) to Friday December 8, 2023 (4:30 pm) in Paris (Bibliothèque Mazarine) [full session]
- from Monday March 11 (2:00 pm) to Wednesday March 13, 2024 (4:30 pm) in Nanterre (La Contemporaine)
RegistrationsRegistration form reopens on September 4, 2023

Note: off-site training can be organised according to certain procedures on the site of requesting institutions. Consult the terms and conditions

Correspondent Calames

PublicCorrespondent Calames
ObjectiveCataloguing in Calames and correspondent functions
PrerequisiteXML-EAD format
Terms and ConditionsInternship in the classroom. Free
ProgramConsult the program
Duration3.5 days (full course begins on Monday at 2:00 p.m. and ends on Thursday at 4:30 p.m.)
LocationsMontpellier, how to get toAbes ?
CalendarMonday December 11 to Thursday December 14, 2023 atAbes (Montpellier)
RegistrationsTwo forms are available: the 1st concerns the cataloguing training course on December 11-13, the second concerns the training day for correspondents only Calames on Thursday December 14.

To know
The "Correspondent Calames " training course is designed for future correspondents Calames of establishments joining the network (deployments on the following January 1), but also for professionals newly appointed to the position of correspondent of establishments already deployed.
The training course is in two parts: Part 1 covers the content of the "Cataloger Calames " training course, while Part 2 is specific to correspondents.
(Correspondents who have already taken the "Cataloger" training course can register for the Thursday day only).