Reuse Calames data

In accordance with the data openness policy implemented by the European CommissionAbes since 2012, the metadata produced by the reporting networks managed by the European CommissionAbes are under the responsibility of the European Commission. Licence Ouverte / Open Licence  of the state developed by the Etalab mission. The recovery and re-use of the data is free and open to all, provided that the date of recovery and the source are indicated. The "conditions of use" are detailed for each data set.

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Terms and conditions of use

To comply with the Etalab Open License requirements, depending on the recovered formats, you should keep :

  • UNIMARC XML / UNIMARC ISO-2709 / UNIMARC ISO-2709 UTF-8: contents of field 810
  • RDFa: content of the element in the Sitemap
  • Dublin Core: area content


Data Exposure Calames

The data produced in Calames are structured in EAD format, which makes them difficult to retrieve because of the richness of the hierarchical description and contextualization of each documentary set. This is why only the high and low descriptive levels of the EAD files published in Calames are exposed and retrievable:

  • data published in Calames
  • XML comments 
  • elements with the attribute @audience= "internal" according to the chosen format

Clarification: the headers of the "EAD - element" files are never recoverable.

Available Formats 

  • conversion of EAD data to UNIMARC-XML / UNIMARC ISO-2709 / UNIMARC ISO-2709 UTF-8 formats. Consult the documentation
Note: This service is reserved for member institutions of the network Calamesand only concerns the data of the requesting institution.
  • Provision of data Calames in Dublin Core and XML/EAD formats. Consult the documentation
Clarification: EAD encapsulated in XML only renders fragments of EAD files.
  • provision of metadata Calames in RDFa format: RDF extraction from HTML pages

OAI-PMH Harvesting

Calames does not have a real OAI-PMH warehouse. However, results are generated "on the fly" from queries built on the :

The catalogue Calames data can be harvested via the OAI-PMH protocol in two formats:

  • Each published finding aid can be retrieved as XML/EAD files.
  • the different descriptive levels in the finding aids can be exported in Dublin Core format

Sitemap Calames

The Sitemap - site Calames map is in accordance with the SiteMap Scheme available at :

Examples of reuse

  • portal SHS Isidore RDFa data recovery via the RDFa Sitemap : data recovery from Calames RDFa via the Sitemap of Calames
  • CERL portal : recovery of all data via the OAI-PMH server of Calames 
  • portail de la Contemporaine : recovery of its data via the OAI-PMH server Calames 
  • digital library of the National Museum of Natural History: MARC exports of data identifying the MNHN's digitized archival and iconographic collections

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