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Note: the integration of any new institution into the Calames network is subject to validation by the Board of Directors ofAbes.

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Important information

At its meeting on November 20, 2023, theAbes Board of Directors voted unanimously to suspend the deployment of facilities in the Calames network until 2027.
Committed to overhauling its information system and implementing a new data production tool(see the 2024 - 2028 establishment project for a description of these actions),Abes cannot now offer new establishments the opportunity to join the Calames network.


The network Calames's vocation is to welcome :

  • all documentary institutions of higher education and research that preserve manuscripts and archives. This scope includes university libraries, but also the libraries of large institutions (e.g. Muséum national d'histoire naturelle or Institut de France) or research libraries
  • other types of establishments, such as learned societies or certain schools under the authority of ministries other than the MESR, subject to prior study of membership conditions

Terms and Conditions

Interested institutions are invited to send their official application to the management ofAbes during the first quarter of the calendar year. Upon receipt of this letter, a questionnaire is sent to them in order to collect all the information useful for the examination of their application (administrative information, description of the archival collections and manuscripts conserved, computer equipment, level of training of the staff....).

The applications are then examined at the Board of Directors' meeting ofAbes (June-July) for deployment in the network Calames the following year.

Each institution deployed in the Calames network is identified by a CRR number Calames to which one or more access logins to the application are attached.

Institutions that are members of the Calames network pay an annual membership fee based on the volume (expressed in linear metres) of collections to be reported on Calames. This membership may either be the subject of an option in the agreement on membership of theAbes networks and services or, if the institution is not a member of the Sudoc network, be described in the agreement on membership of the Calames network. The fees are the same in both cases.