Cataloguing in Calames

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A dedicated data model

The data Calames is encoded in EAD-Encoding Archive Description, Encoded Archival Description, version 2002.

Written and updated by the working Calamesgroup, the EAD cataloguing manual, drafted in accordance with the recommendations of the site " EAD in Library "is available to professionals.

Before cataloguing in Calames, a training in EAD format is essential. Knowledge of the archival treatment of holdings is also a prerequisite. 


A common working tool

The institutions in the network Calamesproduce and publish their inventories of manuscripts and archives in a central database. They use a common interface from which any cataloguer can edit the files of his institution and view the EAD instances created by others.

The cataloguing tool is Calamesbased on a plugin of the XMetal editor. Enriched for the needs of the network, its graphical interface dispenses with the need to master XML syntax.

Different functionalities have been developed for : 

  • ensure catalog consistency: closed lists of attribute values
  • standardize index entries using authority Sudocrecords: interconnection to the application IdRef
  • control EAD files and export them in various forms

Participation in the network Calames is not conditioned by the amount of data produced. The workload involved in deploying in Calames depends mainly on :

  • the types of documents kept by each institution
  • of the volumes concerned
  • the desired depth of description


Network administration

Each facility deployed in the network Calames is identified by a CRR Calamesnumber to which one or more login(s) for access to the application are attached.

The number of XMetal licenses depends on the number of simultaneous accesses required at each location. This information is included in the agreement Calamessigned between the institution and the companyAbes upon joining.