PS Day Sudoc2017

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PS Day Sudoc2017

Programme for the Day of May 12, 2017

  • Introduction to the Day - David Aymonin (Abes) and Jean-Louis Barragioli (CTLes)
  • Agreement on objectives and projects 2018-2020 of Sudoc-PS - intervention - Françoise Berthomier and Laëtitia Bothorel (Abes)
  • CIEPS and ISSN news - intervention - Clément Oury (CIEPS)
  • Focus ISSN France and CIDEMIS - intervention - Pierre Funk (Abes) and Philippe Cantié (ISSN France)
  • Total Reporting Mission - intervention - Benjamin Bober (Abes)
  • PCPPs - National plans for shared conservation of periodicals: CollEx thematic plans - intervention - Emmanuelle Massari and Estelle Flahou (CTLes)
  • The Ancient Local Press website: a tool for promoting collections and animating the network - intervention - Nathalie Fabry (BnF)