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Note: the integration of any new institution into the Sudoc network is subject to validation by the Board of Directors ofAbes.

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The networkSudoc 's vocation is to host any documentary institution - library and/or documentation centre - making available collections of university and research level.

Administrative procedures

Interested institutions are invited to send a formal application to the management ofAbes during the first quarter of the calendar year. Upon receipt of this letter, a questionnaire is sent to them in order to collect all the information useful for the examination of their application (administrative information, description of the collections, computer equipment, level of training of the staff....). Applications are then examined by the Board of Directors ofAbes (June-July) for deployment in the Sudoc network the following year.


Les établissements membres du réseau Sudoc souscrivent une adhésion annuelle correspondant à la partie « Socle » de la convention d’adhésion aux réseaux et services de l’Abes, selon le modèle de facturation en application à compter du 1er janvier 2022.

Practical details

Membership of the Sudoc network enables an institution to enter its collections in the shared catalogue. The import of bibliographic and local records can be done in three complementary ways:

  • via a automatic exemplarisation by the institutions after conducting a recovery rate to establish the volume of bibliographic data already present in the Sudoc. These two operations are carried out using the ITEM.
  • via a import of bibliographic data par lots réalisé par l’Abes.
  • via retrospective conversion operations in the case of paper card catalogues.
    • consulter la rubrique « Conversions rétrospectives en ligne dans le Sudoc : règles de comparaison des notices et règles particulières» sur le Guide Méthodologique.

Required equipment

The member institutions of the Sudoc network are equipped with different Library Management Systems (LMS). In order to be compatible with the Sudoc specifications, the LMSs must meet the recommendations ofAbes in terms of :

Within the framework of the mBMS - Shared Library Management System project, 46 institutions have opted to renew their Library Management System, thus benefiting from the mBMS framework agreement supported by theAbes, which defines standard specifications.


Join WorldCat

As part of the contract negotiated byAbes with OCLC, Sudoc member institutions benefit from Worldcat collection location services and the use of specific APIs to query Worldcat services at an annual fee if they choose this option in theAbes network and services membership agreement.

Note: By joining WorldCat, libraries become members of the OCLC EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Council. They elect delegates to represent them on the OCLC Global Council. A meeting of EMEA members is held each year in the spring in a different country.

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