Arabesques n°72

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October-November-December 2013

File: "What rights? Digital resources and legal framework".

This dossier examines the complexity of the legal framework for the different types of digital resources made available by libraries.

In this issue 72 :

File: "What rights? Digital resources and legal framework".

  •  Intellectual Property Law and Libraries in the Digital Age, Yves Alix
  •  Etalab at the Abes, Raymond Bérard
  •  Digitization of the public domain and open licensing, Frédéric Blin
  • Re-using public equipment: a new European directive, Michèle Battisti
  • Lending digital books: contractual model or legislative framework, Marie-Dominique Heusse
  • The IABD and the Lescure mission: an exceptional case, Dominique Lahary
  • Legal restrictions on the dissemination of theses, Patrick Boidin

Spotlight on

The Library of the Arab World Institute for Change, Jalila Bouhalfaya Guelmami

News & Events

  • A look back at the Abes 2013 Days, Christine Fleury
  • Preserving and perpetuating documentary resources, Claude Oulion
  • The Abes in a few figures