Arabesques n°71

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July-August-September 2013

Dossier: "Cultivating knowledge. Digital educational resources".

Online educational resources are growing exponentially. The dossier in this issue of Arabesques highlights the role of documentation professionals in improving reporting and access.

In this issue 71 :

Dossier: Cultivating knowledge. Digital educational resources

  • A shared development strategy, Clara Danon
  • SUP E-educ: managing and enhancing the educational digital heritage, Jacques Brassart
  • Perceptions and uses in the first cycle, Delphine Merrien
  • The ped@gothèque des Pays de Loire : itinerary of a new service, Jennifer Wolfarth / Sonia Guédon
  • The Lille 1 SCD at the heart of an innovative dynamic, Isabelle Le Bescond
  • SupLOMFR, késako? Marie Peterlongo / Axel Pfalzgraf
  • Indexing digital educational resources? Yes, we can! Raphaëlle Poveda / Stéphanie Jougleux
  • For or against a national alert? Laurent Piquemal
  • The WebDewey: yes, but ... Laurent Piquemal
  • A festival for educational university film, Hervé Lièvre
  • Taking on the Moocs challenge, Morgan Magnin
  • Mooc: reputation as the only guidance device in knowledge? Dominique Boullier

Spotlight on

  • The Versailles BU: a new dimension in the university, Marie-Estelle Créhalet / Chantal Merle

News & Events

  • For a sustainable scientific digital edition, Marin Dacos / Dominique Roux
  • Digital Innovation Awards: 2nd edition
  • Joining the ADBU: what's changing