Arabesques n°74

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April-May-June 2014

This Arabesques dossier takes stock of the transformations that impact the organisation of French IST and its networks.

It presents the lines of convergence between higher education and research (ESR) without neglecting to underline the challenges to be met(open access, research evaluation, information law, intellectual property).

In this issue 74 :

Dossier: Drawing new lines - IST landscapes and networks in motion

  • Documentation digital and documentary networks, Pierre Carbone
  • Of the necessary renovation of the Cadist network, Véronique de Kok
  • The role of networksAbes in the era of decompartmentalization, Jérôme Kalfon
  • Sharing knowledge better: CNRS's strategic orientations, Renaud Fabre
  • Huma-Num: the digital humanities network, Stéphane Pouyllau
  • Scientific networks: visibility and open access, Eric Verdeil
  • Is STI soluble in the LRU, Christophe Péralès
  • Public and common domain of knowledge: a challenge for libraries, Hervé Le Crosnier

Spotlight on

  • A multi-site media library at the French Institute of the Near East, Philippe Vezie

News & Events

  • 2014 DaysAbes , Christine Fleury
  • National Licensing: new resources available to the French scientific community