Arabesques n°75

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July-August-September 2014

This special issue of Arabesques celebrates the 20th anniversary of ABES with articles on the history and evolution of the Agency since its creation. And since it is a summer issue, the magazine offers its readers a little surprise as a birthday present to discover in the central pages. 

In this issue 75 :

Dossier : The summer of our 20 years - TheAbes, creation, evolution and perspectives

  • 1994, a dynamic year, Daniel Renoult
  • The Abes, from yesterday to today, Louis Klee...
  • Ahoy! From the network ... Travel Diary, Émilie Liard
  • 20 years, the good age! Gildas Illien
  • Le chemin de l'Agence - Dotted lines of synchronization, Jacques Millet and Laurent Romary
  • In the 20-year-old's basket: one...two three SGBm, Gisèle Maxit
  • Abes 20 years old, Arabesques, 19 piges, Béatrice Pedot
  • A 20-count waltz, Dominique Esmenjaud
  • The words of pioneers, Martine Brunet and Marianne Giloux
  • The Abes 20-year-old: points and counterpoints, Fabrice Piault

Spotlight on

The LAM library through its collections, Corinne Barbant

News & Events

  • ADBU News
  • Two new national licences signed
  • Numes, extinguishing an application