Arabesques n°76

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October-November-December 2014

In this issue 76 :

Dossier: Enriching to share - Libraries in the knowledge economy

  • Libraries and the knowledge economy(ies): what values, Lionel Maurel
  • Economic Models and the Knowledge Economy: GFII Approaches, Olivier Delteil and Ruth Martinez
  • Istex acquisitions: processing and enriching data, Marion Grand-Démery
  • ISNI takes off, Pauline Chougnet
  • Articulation ISNIIdRef : a challenge for perennial identification, François Mistral
  • The ISSN in mutation, Gaëlle Béquet
  • La fouille de textes au service de la documentation, Mathieu Roche and Sophie Fortuno
  • Metadata mining: mining catalogue data, Gildas Illien
  • Open data on higher education and research, Emmanuel Weisenburger
  • University public libraries, Olivier Legendre
  • Information watch: challenges and developments, Frédéric Martinet

Spotlight on

  • The library of Paris 8, labeled Marianne, Carole Letrouit and Floriane Berti

News & Events

  • Sudoc II: year 0
  • A look back at the 5th CTLES Professional Days
  • Copyright: for an international resolution