Arabesques n°77

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January-February-March 2015

The editorial board of Arabesques magazine wishes a very happy new year 2015 to its readers!

In this issue 77 :

Dossier: Dialogues with the machine - Design, interact, analyse

  • Digital ecosystem, culture and employment, Joël de Rosnay
  • Mobilearn: augmented reality for informal learning, Anca Ailincai and Elhadi Djebarri
  • Les désarrois de la Machine catalographique, Philippe Le Pape
  • Making the connection", a vital need, Aline Le Provost
  • ezPaarse visits the logs, Thomas Porquet and the ezPaarse team
  • When the robot crashes...
  • Fab Labs in the library? Thomas Fourmeux
  • From the PirateBox to the BiblioBox, Thomas Fourmeux
  • CultureWok: What do you want? The WoK team
  • Opinion mining : the virtues of human/machine hybridisation, Dominique Boullier

Spotlight on

  • The library of the French School of Rome, Annie Coisy

News & Events

  • JPAC 2014: New Perspectives on Heritage
  • Istex: four new national licences signed
  • In search ofArabesques: results of the summer survey
  • SGBm: the pilot phase is launched