Arabesques n°78

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April-May-June 2015

In this issue 78 :

File: The thesis in all its states - Filing, reporting, promoting

  • Reporting and valuing theses: a culinary art, Isabelle Martin
  • The theses atAbes : a whole ecosystem !, Isabelle Mauger Perez
  • Star and electronic filing of theses, Olivier Cian / Marianne Giloux
  • Associate thesis and authorities with IdRef, François Mistral
  • Step and Star at the Albi-Carmaux School of Mines, Huong Baleix
  • Disseminating and training: the dual mission of a thesis coordinator, Solenn Bihan
  • 180' to make his thesis understood, Noémie Mermet
  • Radio Thésards: a window open on research, David Christoffel
  • I'm the writer, Eric Ferrante.
  • Academic plagiarism: professors must also set an example, Stanley Claisse
  • Philoweb, the second life of the thesis, Alexandre Monnin
  • The thesis, and then what? Marion Grand-Démery.
  • Course of theses in metaphors, Laetitia Gérard

Spotlight on

The Calouste Gulbenkian library: an opening to the lusophone, Marie-Arlette Darbord

News & Events

  • CIDEMIS, a new application for the ISSN circuit
  • DaysAbes, 2015 edition
  • Visibility of research and innovative practices
  • In memoriam

Cover illustration: Lily Monster / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)