Arabesques n°79

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July-August-September 2015

In this issue 79 :

Dossier: Unlocking research - Open access: evolution and challenges

  • Open Access: quo vadis? by Jean-Claude Guédon - link to the full annotated version
  • Social networks for research and open access: researchers' perceptions, Christine Okret-Manville
  • Libraries guaranteed 100% open access, François Cavalier
  • Open access: a revolution in librarians' skills, Sabrina Granger
  • Bibliometrics foropen access, Solenn Bihan and Stéphane Harmand
  • Towards an "open book"? The ways of the open access ebook, Sébastien Respingue-Perrin
  •, a new model of scientific journal, Christine Berthaud
  • Open Access and the National Digital Consultation, Marin Dacos
  • Open Archives and Copyright, Carine Bernault

Spotlight on

The art history library of the Fondation Custodia, Wilfred de Bruijn

News & Events

  • The workings of BACON
  • SGBM: the contours of the building site


Lucie Albaret, curator at SID2 Grenoble 2 and 3

Cover image: Chains / No chains - Stéfan / Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)