Arabesques n°80

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October-November-December 2015

In this issue of 80:

File: Close to the users - Services around the collections

  • From Cadist to Collex: national schemes to enhance collections, François Cavalier
  • Istex services - Istex beyond the acquisition, Jean-Marie Pierrel
  • CTLES services in evolution, Jean-Louis Baraggioli
  • Librarian's management of collections today. Focus on the National Library of France, Anne Pasquignon
  • Digital services based on the BNF's digitized collections: Gallica's "thousand generations", Sophie Bertrand
  • Le patrimoine et ses collections en refondation, Bernard Huchet
  • The Inguimbertine Library-Museum, Jean-François Delmas
  • Transforming collections into information thanks to semantic web technologies, Etienne Cavalié, Géraldine Geoffroy
  • Evaluating collections to better serve users, Franck Smith
  • Thinking about collections with users: libraries at the time of co-construction, Elise Breton

Spotlight on

The University Library of Medicine of Montpellier, Hélène Lorblanchet

News & Events

  • Afnor/BNF Bibliographic Transition
  • DaysAbes : transitions
  • Calamesthe age of reason


Patrick Latour, Assistant to the Director, in charge of manuscripts and archives at the Mazarine Library

Cover image: Big readers aaron_eos_photography / Flickr (All rights reserved)