Arabesques n°81

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January-February-March 2016

In this issue 81 :

Dossier: Training in libraries - Mediation spaces, new perspectives

  • Training library professionals today, Yves Alix
  • The main institutional training providers for library professionals, Philippe Millepied
  • BSN 9: training, skills and uses, Joanna Janik, Michel Roland
  • Training librarians in digital mediation, Silvère Mercier
  • Digital Mediation: some recommendations for an application in public libraries, Anne-Gaëlle Gaudion
  • Stakes and place of the partnership Joint Documentation Service - Service Tice, Joanne Guéné-Mercher, Valérie Caron, Olivier Duteille, Krassimira Lacoustète
  • Training researchers in scientific information in a changing world, Cherifa Boukacem-Zeghmouri
  • Tame the doc, Marianne Begin.
  • La Minute numérique, meeting researchers, Marie-Laure Malingre, Christophe Berthelot
  • Informing and training researchers onopen access andopen data and IST professionals, Chantal Salson, Hanka Hensens, Annabelle Filatre
  • Learning centres: (Towards) new learning and knowledge acquisition arrangements, Gill Ferrell
  • Reception and training of disabled people in libraries, Marie-Noëlle Andissac, Françoise Fontaine-Martinelli

Spotlight on

The Learning Centre SophiaTech of the University of Nice

News & Events

  • A look back at the Couperin Open Access Days
  • The archives resulting from the missions of the Abes


Hélène Chaudoreille, Director of the "Resources and Knowledge" Department at the Fondation de coopération scientifique Paris Sciences et Lettres

Cover illustration: Rolex Learning Center (Lausanne, Switzerland), Jean-Marie Feurtet (CC BY ND 2.0)