Days Abes 2012

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19 and 20 June at the Corum - Palais des Congrès de Montpellier

For further sharing, the presentations of the Days Abes 2012 are available on the SlideShare platform ofAbes.

Inaugural Conference


Plenary Sessions (19 June)

  • Abes, at the crossroads - Raymond Bérard, Director ofAbes - read the text of the speech
  • Les Actualités de l'Abes - moderation : Camille Dumont ; interventions : Josiane Faïta-Hugues, Carole Melzac, Julien Couzinié, Marianne Giloux, Jean-Marie Feurtet (Abes)
  • Speech by Michel Marian, Head of the Mission for Scientific and Technical Information and Documentary Networks (MESR - MISTRD) 
  • Speech by Claude Ronceray, Director of the Agency for the Mutualisation of Universities and Institutions (AMUE)




Parallel Sessions 

Bibliographic metadata transformation - FRBR and RDA

Reporting of image collections


Guest Session


Journées Abes 2012 Competition


Intervention sponsor 


Plenary sessions (20 June)


The last word

  • Catherine Volpihac-Auger, professor of French literature at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon