Abes2018 Days

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May 23rd and 24th at the Corum - Palais des Congrès de Montpellier

For better visibility, the different presentations are published on the SlideShare platform ofAbes.

"Together, let's build the IST Public Data Service"

  • View recordings of the plenary sessions :


Plenary sessions

Inaugural Conference

  • Developing the cornerstone of the web of cultural and scientific data
    Jurgen Kett, Head of Library Standards and Head of GND, Deutsche National Bibliothek
    watch the presentation - watch the video

Strategic Interventions

  • A word from the director
    David Aymonin, Director ofAbes
    see the presentation - see the video
  • Discussions on the establishment project " Abes 2018-2022 ".
    Round table moderated by Gildas Illien, Director of the Library of the Natural History Museum and member of the Scientific Council ofAbes.
    Guests: Sophie Mazens, head of the department of scientific and technical information and documentary network (DGESIP-DGRI - MESRI); Nathalie Clot, director of the SCD of the University of Angers; Grégory Miura, director of the SCD of the University of Bordeaux Montaigne.
    see the video

The News of the Abes

  • The news
    Sequence coordinated by Marianne Giloux, Head of the Metadata and Network Services Department (Abes) ; Françoise Berthomier, Head of the Network Support Service and Julie Lempereur, Continuous Resources Service (Abes) - see the presentation - see the video

Sponsor Session

  • SciGraph and other Open Data initiatives at Springer Nature - Markus Kaindl (Springer Nature) - watch the video

Bibliography Transition Session

  • News item "Bibliographic transition", Jean-Marie Feurtet, Monography and Archives Department (Abes)
    see the presentation - see the video
  • The process of implementing RDA in a university network: the experience of the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia (CSUC), Joana Roig, Head of the Collective Catalogue of Universities of Catalonia (CSUC)
    see the presentation - see the video

Data Exposure Session

  • News item "Exposure of bibliographic data", Michaël Jeulin, Tools and Methods Department (Abes)
    see the presentation - see the video
  • The life of the authorities beyond the applications of theAbes : see the video
    • Introduction, Isabelle Mauger Perez, Head of the Authorities and Frameworks Department (Abes)
      see the presentation
    • Univ-Droit, the university law portal, Gilles Dumont, Director of the UNFJ
      see the presentation  
    • When OATAO connects to IdRef, Jean-Marie Le Bechec and Yann Sérot (INP Toulouse)
      see the presentation  

SGBm Session


  • How to use a webservice fromAbes without being a developer? Find the commercial publishers who publish your university's theses. Sylvain Machefert (SCD of Bordeaux Montaigne University)
    see the presentation
  • How to use the AlgoLiens webservice? Julie Vidal (Interuniversity Library of Montpellier)
    see the presentation
  • How to exploit the webservices ofAbes with AJAX calls in JQuery? Yves Tomic (SCD Université Paris Dauphine)

Parallel Sessions

  • Preparing for the next changes in cataloguing guidelines, Laure Jestaz, Monographs and Archives Department (Abes) ; Laurent Piquemal, Network Support Department (Abes) ; Claire Toussaint (CRFCB Mediat Rhône Alpes, Grenoble Alpes University) ; Emmanuelle Riou-Genty (Diderot Library of Lyon)
    see the presentation - see the video
  • Don't ask what full reporting can do for you, ask what you can do for full reporting, Benjamin Bober, Head of Tools and Methods (Abes), Yann Nicolas, Lab (Abes)
    see the presentation
  • Improving the legal deposit and reporting of theses in France, Maïté Roux, Head of the Theses Department; Olivier Cian, Theses Department (Abes)
    see the presentation
  • Carte blanche à l'ADBU - For a transformation of the online reception in BU: a shared service with a national vocation for user relationship management in SAAS mode, Nathalie Clot, Director of the SCD of the University of Angers; Yann Marchand, Deputy Director of the SCD of the University of Lille

The great witness

  • Benoît Forêt, Head of the Sub-Directorate for Strategic Management and Territories (MESRI)
    see the video


Posters of the networks


Network demos


Tweets of the Days

Messages exchanged via Twitter during the Days (#jabes18): Excel file (click in the TweetID column to access the online tweet).