Abes2019 Days

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May 28th and 29th at the Corum - Palais des Congrès de Montpellier

For better visibility, the different presentations are published on the SlideShare platform ofAbes.

Plenary sessions

  • The national plan for Open Science and its ecosystem - Marin Dacos (MESRI)
    see the presentation - see the video
  • Speech by Marc Martinez, President of ADBU.
    see the video
  • 2018-2022 school project: changing everything, with our networks - David Aymonin, director ofAbes
    see the presentation - see the video
  • News fromAbes : the first year of the school project - Marianne Giloux, Maïté Roux, Marie-Pierre Roux (Abes)
    see the presentation - see the video
  • Understanding the data flows of the IS of theAbes today and tomorrow - Stéphane Rey, Carole Melzac (Abes)
    see the presentation - see the video
  • ISTEX assessment and perspectives - Raluca Pierrot (Abes), David Aymonin (Abes), Grégory Colcanap (Couperin)
    see the presentation - see the video
  • Open Science Barometer and ScanR, engine of research and innovation, two tools at the service of scientific activity - Eric Jeangirard and Emmanuel Weisenburger (Decision Support Tools Department, MESRI)
    see the presentation - see the video
  • Towards a national strategy for identifiers: the action of the Committee for Open Science (CoSO ) - David Aymonin and Isabelle Mauger Perez (Abes, members of the CoSO Europe & International College), Grégory Colcanap (Couperin)
    see the presentation - see the video


Parallel sessions

  • Evolution of the role of the coordinator - Françoise Berthomier, Raphaëlle Povéda, Laurent Piquemal (Abes) see the presentation
  • Calames, in the service of a policy of valorising researchers' archives 
    • Introduction - Brigitte Michel (Abes) see the presentation
    • Feedback: Valorising SHS archives in relation to documentary collections - Elydia Barret (Campus Condorcet) see the presentation
    • Feedback: The use of Calames in an archive - Magalie Moysan (Université Paris Diderot) see the presentation
    • Feedback: CollEx-Persée: research libraries and national bibliographic tools - Valérie Tesnière (La contemporaine) see the presentation
  • "To go or not to go": implementing the Bibliographic Transition in institutions. Interest and consequences of the IFLA-LRM model - David Aymonin (Abes) in collaboration with the ADBU-SSI commission
    see the presentation - see the video
  • La Grande Aventure Authorities: everything is super awesome ! Isabelle Mauger Perez, Aline Le Provost, François Mistral (Abes) see the presentation - see the collaborative notes
  • How to facilitate the co-construction of applications within the networks ofAbes ?


Posters of the networks


Café Biblio: the demos


Café Biblio: the forums


Tweets of the Days

 Messages exchanged via Twitter during the Days (#jabes19): Excel file (click in the TweetID column to access the online tweet).