Reuse metadata from theses

In accordance with the data openness policy implemented by the European CommissionAbes since 2012, the metadata produced by the reporting networks managed by the European CommissionAbes are under the responsibility of the European Commission. Licence Ouverte / Open Licence  of the state developed by the Etalab mission. The recovery and re-use of the data is free and open to all, provided that the date of recovery and the source are indicated. The "conditions of use" are detailed for each data set.

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Terms and conditions of use

In order to comply with the Etalab Open License requirements, the elements present in the header of the XML :

  • dcterms:creator: " ": authority IdRef notice identifying the Abes 
  • dcterms:created : provides the date of creation of the record in the Sudoc or in STAR
  • dcterms:modified: provides the date of modification of the record in the Sudoc or in STAR


Harvesting OAI-PMH STAR

L’warehouse OAI-PMH STAR makes available descriptive metadata of all defended and validated electronic theses, with or without a link to the full text, depending on the confidentiality requirements associated with the theses. The collections are organized according to 3 entries :

  • theses broken down by defence establishment
  • theses broken down by disciplinary field
  • theses available in full text

Available Formats

  • TEF
  • Dublin Core enriched


Exposure of thesis data

Produced from the national applications STEP, STAR and Sudoc, data available via are recoverable:

  • from the identifiers:
  • one by one:
  • in batches:
    • Export button from a list of results 
    • choice of the desired format
    • content negotiation: the client application sends the "accept" header in the HTTP request and offers different MIME types (HTML or XML)
    • sitemap : provides the list of available URLs

Available Formats

  • for a set of theses: CSV, JSON, TXT, RIS, BIBTEX, RDF/XML
  • for a thesis in preparation / one person page / one organization page : RDF/XML
  • for a defended thesis: RDF/XML, RIS, BIBTEX

Web services available