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News of the Abes

Following the cancellation of the Abes 2020 Days,Abes has produced an online version of the "Les Actus de l'Abes " sequence in order to present the activities carried out since May 2019 for the member institutions of the ESR documentary networks.

Presentation of the sequence "Les Actus de l'"Abes by David Aymonin

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L'Abes, a partner in national projects at the service of the ESR

Facilitating reporting and access to resources

Acquisitions of electronic resources

Ticket published in December 2019, on the finalization of the Elsevier order grouping contract, in connection with Couperin and the MESRI. 

Length : 08:04
Within the framework of the CollEX-Persée scheme,Abes has acquired "niche" resources selected following a survey of needs from institutions.

Facilitating access to available electronic resources

Survey published in December 2019.

Ticket published in March 2020, on the tying of the Sudoc and BACON.

Towards an exhaustive description of the theses

Duration : 04:49
Abes provides an update on microfiche reporting, and on the project for the retrospective digitisation of PhD theses.

State of the art: shared conservation of periodicals

Study published in December 2019, onshared conservation plans for periodicals in France: a quantitative and qualitative state of the art. 

Enriching metadata for Open Science.

Quality and interoperability of ESR identifiers

Guidance note published in June 2019 by CoSo. Open identifiers for open science".

Duration: 02:25
Abes supports institutions in the framework of the CollEX-Persée calls for projects, in particular by carrying out alignments of identifiers. 

Duration: 02:13
The ORCID France consortium, led by Couperin andAbes, aims to strengthen the identification of researchers at the international level.

Transforming data models

Progress report: what impacts on the professionals of production networks?

Time: 09:54
Co-directed byAbes and the BnF, the Bibliographic Transition programme has given rise to numerous projects. A look back at these new stages.

Length: 06:08
Find out all about the implementation of the Rameau reform at Sudoc ! 

Small steps towards the LRM model...

Duration: 05:43
Feedback on a new stage of the "FRBRisation of Sudoc " experiment.

Duration: 42:39
Abes 's presentation at the "Systems and Data" Study Day - BnF, November 2019.

NSF Project, Year 2

Post published in September 2019. Proof of Concept based on the Wikimedia environment. Reminder: press release for the launch of the project (October 2018)

ListeningAbes to establishments

Adapting to new institutional realities

Collecting needs

Length: 05:30
Abes went to meet the institutions during the AbesTour organised by ADBU-SSI. An update on the first actions that came out of it. 

Accompanying change

Length: 05:11
Abes introduces the position of "Relationship OfficerAbes " and changes the role of the Coordinator Sudoc (seearticle in Arabesques n°97).

Simplifying relationships

Duration: 06:36
Facilitate! is the objective behind several projects: single convention for GCs, redesign of the business model, CRM tool, new phase of the SGBm project 

Facilitating reporting

A more open IT environment

The IT Master Plan 2018-2022

Length: 03:14
Abes presents its new IT master plan, which is designed to support a policy of open codes and data.

The Design & Development Department presents the SCRUM methodology, applied to develop new projects (including ITEM).

Duration: 03:36
Two new environments to encourage IT co-construction and facilitate the sharing of technical information.

Improve the quality of data imports

A reasoned policy for quality imports

Duration: 11:31
The 5 axes of the data import policy from publishers. 

Promoting institutional autonomy

Duration : 08:55
ITEM now allows you to copy records in batches, in self-service. 

Strengthening the linkage to authority data

Duration: 02:34
Two application developments to facilitate the linking of operations to authorities. 

Rethinking communication

The user at the centre

Duration : 13:42
Guided by the principles of UX Design,Abes is transforming its communication environment, as shown by the redesign of its website and the publication ofArabesques on Prairial, a portal of free access journals...

Working in the shadows

Hats off to support services

Duration: 01:35
The activity of support services: administrative services and IT maintenance.

The sequence "Les Actus de l'Abes " was produced by a working group composed of Aurélie Faivre, Christine Fleury, Laure Jestaz, Raluca Pierrot, Thomas Fresneau, Laurent Piquemal and Jérôme Villiseck.