CoordinatorSudoc" Study Day 2019

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March 26, 2019, program of the Day:

The study day "Coordinator Sudoc " took place on Tuesday 26 March 2019, at the BULAC.
It had 3 objectives:

  • exchange with the coordinators Sudoc on the evolution of their function
  • collect the opinion of coordinators on proposed tools
  • to benefit from feedback from coordinatorsSudoc, in a context of changing practices

 All interventions were recorded. See the videos HERE.

  • Part 1: Introduction of the day (Marianne Giloux, Abes)
  • Part 2: Synthesis of the online survey and consultation of directors (Raphaële Moatti, ADBU-SSI Commission; Françoise Berthomier, Abes)
  • Part 3: Presentation of the privileged scenario and proposals for support from the Abes (Françoise Berthomier, Abes)
  • Part 4: Coordinators' news (Laurent Piquemal, Abes)
  • Part 5: What do you think? Collection of coordinators' opinions on proposed tools (Laurent Piquemal, Abes)
  • Part 6: Coordination Sudoc and SIGB: how to manage the impacts of the bibliographic transition? (Lise Eschenbrenner, Sorbonne University Library)
  • Part 7: Coordination Sudoc and reporting activity: analysis of activity statistics (Pascale Guillen-Casadesus, Eglantine Reymond, Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire Sorbonne)
  • Part 8: Coordination Sudoc and reporting activity: the animation of a team of cataloguers (Nathalie Savarit, SCD Aix-Marseille University)
  • Part 9: Conclusion (David Aymonin, Abes)

At the end of part 3, a 50-minute sequence was devoted to discussions with the audience. The recording is not available. This was an opportunity for the Abes, to clarify the following points: 

  • In the preferred scenario, the coordinator Sudoc continues to be an interlocutor of the Abes. The setting up of a strategic level interlocutor - until now called "Correspondent Abes " - will not deprive him/her of being considered by the AgencyAbes as the only relevant interlocutor on the issues for which he/she will be responsible. The strategic interlocutor will not bypass the coordinator. Sudoc
  • the strategic interlocutor meets the needs of school principals to have a global vision of their participation in the various networks
  • the coordinator Sudoc and the strategic interlocutor complement each other: the first manages the file, technically and operationally, like an expert; the second alerts and informs management.
  • The role of the coordinator is Sudoc evolving, but the coordinatorAbes must understand that the new functions assigned to him/her require a certain expertise and a lot of technicality. It is necessary that the evolution remains realistic, and that in any case, the coordinator isAbes accompanied by an adapted training.
  • will regularlyAbes inform the directors on the progress of this project and its various stages.
  • willAbes propose the same standard model, for all, but which can be adapted to the specific situation of the institution (for example, the functions can be spread over several people). The institution is responsible for this variation in terms of its own organisation.