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To join the Sudoc PS network, the heads of resource centres/libraries providing collections of specialised or research-level serials are invited to contact the head of the Network Centre Sudoc PS (RC manager) corresponding to their location. As a reminder :

  • Libraries located outside Paris and Île-de-France: according to geographic location
  • libraries located in Paris / Île-de-France region: according to the main themes of the serials collections preserved

Consult theDirectory of RC Managers



To participate in the Sudoc PS network, a specific agreement must be signed .

Through this agreement, the member libraries undertake to guarantee access to their collections of serial publications to users (on-site consultation, home loan, dispatch or reproduction of documents, etc.).

The managers of Sudoc PS Network Centres undertake to report :

  • libraries and resource centres that are members of their network: creation and updating of RCR records in the Resource Centre Directory of the catalogue Sudoc
  • periodical collections and continuing resources of partner libraries: cataloguing and/or exemplarisation in the Sudoc
  • unnumbered or incorrectly numbered periodicals/continuous resources with the ISSN using thenational CIDEMIS application